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Neko Yumi

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    Neko Yumi got a reaction from curiousmind34 in Game HDD drive went to RAW after windows install   
    After some weird turn of events, it would seem that trying to use one or either of the HDD drives result in them being either unreadable in RAW or litterally blocking windows from launching.
    They seem to have some system files that can read each other and get detected by windows.
    I will try to backup the data somehow and re-format them to fix the issue.
    EDIT: i'll consider the thread solved, i'll create a new one if another issue arises.
  2. Informative
    Neko Yumi reacted to the_lane in New gaming rig upgrade...?   
    A 2.5" SSD is not much slower than an m.2 much better pricing as well. Something to consider.
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    Neko Yumi got a reaction from rice guru in Recommandations for ear buds   
    Ahh i see, more like an EDM / boots'n cats kind of signature..
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    Neko Yumi got a reaction from Mateyyy in CPU bottleneck W/ rtx 2080   
    Perfect, then i have those cables ~ everything should be set then!