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  1. I got a problem with my computer, every time after i play black ops cold war or gta 5 my computer gets extremely slow and its unusable. chrome is not answering and discord lags and spotify stops and freezes totaly. its just very slow after I played those games. why do this happen and how do I prevent it? The only storage I got is a 7 year old 1tb seagate barracuda hdd, is that why? specs if it matters: Gtx 1660 Ti Ryzen 5 2600 msi b450 tomahawk max kingston 2x8gb 3200mhz corsair cx 500
  2. is this a good combo? i already got a GTX 1660TI 6gb and Corsair cx500 can i get away cheaper for the same performance? the price (3587) is in swedish crowns and its 350 euro and 415 USD.
  3. okey thank you I will look in to a office PC!
  4. dont have any board or memory yet, just a gpu and cpu
  5. yea i know not the best card, but though of using it for old games like hl2 or less demanding games.
  6. okey, do you have any other cheap cpu else to recommend?
  7. Hi, got a free Gigabyte GTX 470 and had a Intel core 2 duo e6750 lying at home. I thought of putting a computer together off that, will it work or will it bottleneck?
  8. by the way why cant i just pick up the cheapest b450 board? or can i?