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  1. Ideally, you would need the ram. Since the amd processors uses ram as an advantage and gets better performance with faster and more ram. In that case you would get a little more performance in cpu requiring games and a lot more in high ram usage games. But either way i think ram is the way to go, even if you play cpu demanding games atm. If you get the cpu before ram it would be a bottleneck and you wouldn't get the same performance.
  2. So, my new monitor that im getting stated that it uses 75x75 vesa mount, but all i can find 100x100 and 75x75 vesa wall mounts. Will the 100x100 part of the mont be in the way? since it is like a circular shape, this is the monitor https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-MAG342CQRV Thanks in advance!
  3. Doesn't that depend on price? I know i'm defending a lot but it may have been the fact that i ordered it before you wrote. I bought mine for 430 euros, and what iv'e searched for is that it is the best one for your back. Yes i do understand that it will not be as good as office chairs but maybe it still isn't as bad as cheap ones.
  4. But there is support though :/ But do you really think it would be worse than my chair i have now which makes my back hurt as a 14 year old. Yes this chair is very expensive for what you are getting but still isn't that bad. I have school and other work to do so i'm not sitting at the chair more than 1-2 hours and of course more at weekends but it still isn't as bad as long gaming sessions.
  5. i have sat in an office chair that is much more priced than the gaming one and the office one was really just for your back and sitting right so that may have the reason.
  6. All the office chairs i have tried to this point are very very bad. So im so unsure, and yes i tried my dads very expensive one so it isn't some cheap one. Though i really understand the point in office chairs but they just arn't comfortable. I don't game alot because of time but when i do it feels like i need to enjoy it more by being comfortable. I'm not doing 8 hour sessions but more like 2 hours. So im so unsure but thanks for the help anyways
  7. But all iv'e heard is that it is a good chair with good ergonmics, of course you could call it a scam for the price but it is still more comfortable so i guess that is my way to go.
  8. so gaming chairs are bad for your back?
  9. Will there be a new secret lab chair coming since the other launched in june 2019 and i don't want to buy something that will come out soon. Will there be a new one soon? Should i wait or buy the 2020 model now. Thx everyone beforehand :)
  10. sorry for the late answer. I have already done research since i always do before i buy something. So the brightness is 400 its a VA panel so in the middle. 1ms confirmed by tests. and its msi curved 27 inch otherwise amd freesync, low blue light, 144hz and anti flickering. Thank you anyways for helping me out oh yeah and the color acuresy is 115 % so not ips level but not tn. perfect.
  11. thank you, i have talked to my dad too. He also preferred the 1440p one. since rust is a high demanding game and i will probably move on to less demanding games. So i can't just buy the monitor thats suits just rust. More of whats suits my pc and overall games. I will order the 1440p one. Especially when its the same price. rather pick one up on sale that i still can run hd on than just the hd option. Thank you!
  12. yeah but for example a game like rust. a high demanding one. i currently have max settings and i get 70 to 90 fps on 1080p. but with a 1440p? would i get 20 less frames or more. and is it worth lowering graphics for resolution? i currently have a 1080p monitor with 60 hz. and to be honest i see no lag at all since it isnt really a fast action game.
  13. so here are my pc specs. Asus rx 5700 B450-f mb ryzen 3600x 32gb 3200 mhz ram. So im buying a monitor. I know 2 monitors that i want to buy. they are the same accept one is 1440p and one 1080p. But whats more worth it? would i even be able to handle it. Because they are the same price too since one is on sale. what do you guys think? i dont wnat to waste 350 $. thanks beforehand.
  14. yeah right. thank you for helping out. means very much looking forward to the monitor.
  15. it looks just like the one with the R. But one thing i do see is that on this website it says this: Note, There is no RGB on the back side. Well the specs are good and the reviews on the site so i guess im going of that. Thx anyways!