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  1. Revival Esports is now recruiting new Rocket League & Rainbow Six Siege players! Teams are both NA and EU! Rocket League We are currently accepting players that are Diamond level or higher, and meet our criteria of skills. We offer an RLRS team if you are a higher level player, and looking for a challenge. We offer a great community with an active Discord server. We offer an LFT chat for anyone trying to find a team to play with. Rainbow Six Siege We are currently accepting all skill levels. We are not currently engaged in semi-pro scrimmages/matches, but with your help,
  2. Your CPU can handle a 2070 Super with only about 3% FPS loss, so I would recommend to stick with a budget that you are comfortable with. NOTE: Please look for a card with sufficient cooling and overclocking capabilities, and make sure that it can fit inside your case. If you need help selecting a GPU, then send me a message on Discord @ Cloud#7117.
  3. The monitor's refresh rate (Hz) via NVIDIA Control Panel.
  4. So my monitor (Sceptre E255B-1658A) can overclock to 240hz via NVIDIA Control Panel. My question was: If I overclock my monitor by that much, besides the monitor life-span, what are some other negative things with overclocking it that far? NEXT QUESTION: Will there be blurriness or "smearing" when overclocked that far? By the way, my monitor doesn't have "hiccups" using the overclock.