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    Corsair ddr4 2400 64g
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  1. There have some ultrawide gaming monitors on the market, but non of these has high refresh rate,ips panel,hdr and beautiful design together, if I want a perfect monitor, maybe I need to wait for years, and if I buy now, it just have these for me Alienware 3420DW $2090 usd Asus PG348Q (ive already broken 1) $850 usd Asus PG349Q $1300 usd only 20Hz difference and use old panel, and I dont like this stand, 400 dollar more than 348 Asus XG27UQ $1152 usd 4k but not ultrawide black skin
  2. the 21:9 monitor looks better in my room(this is the broken one)
  3. If i buy this monitor right now, my titan x pascal can't run 200fps at 3440*1440 resolution, and I have no money to change graphic card
  4. My old monitor was broken, I want to change a PG35VQ but I realize the "GTC" is coming soon, may be the new "Ampere" gpu will come with it. So if I wait serveral month, maybe I can buy a 3080Ti and same monitor with a good price?
  5. I choose s20 ultra, i'm not a professional photographer, phone is much easy to use and much convenient. The camera on s20 ultra is way enough to use, 108MP and 100x zoom, maybe more powerful than some camera, and u can direct edit your photo on the phone.
  6. They still on vacation untill 24th,i will try to fix it, thank you.
  7. I'm using this pg348 for 3 years,sadly I broke it a few days ago.I turn on my pc,and the monitor doesn't have input signal,so I decided replug in the dp cable,but it was pluged so tight,i believe that "miracle will come out with power" than i broke it now i need to change a new one, i want change it to a pg35vq but it cost 3000$ in my country and it's va, pg349 looks so ugly and using an old panel also cost 1237$ in here, but i like rog cause it's looks beautiful, what should I do?