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  1. And how do I force-quit or close applications in windows? Are there key-binds?
  2. ok thank you guys! So I got the WIFI driver working and I'm now typing form my new computer! HOWEVER, what do I do once I click "setup" for the drivers, after they successfully install and restart my computer, can I delete the original folder I downloaded from my USB stick? or will that delete or cause issues with the data that has been installed by the drivers? I assume not, I assume they're different data packs once they install correct?
  3. so then I double click the file in windows and it auto installs? Or do I need to manually change the format, and if so, to which format?
  4. Hello everyone. I have no ethernet in my room, nor anywhere feasible. I have the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI motherboard. I've already setup windows. I already have wifi working on my Mac laptop. I have a 8gb usb stick. TREAT ME LIKE AN IDIOT. I've never used windows or BIOS before. Here's what I've done so far: Turned on my mac laptop, downloaded the drivers for the motherboard via MSI website, onto my USB stick. NOW WHAT? I stick the USB into the windows computer I built, do I need to be in BIOS or windows on the desktop? Then what? And wh
  5. Help I'm literally using Window's fo rah first time in my life. I have no ethernet in my room, hence I bought the MSI MPG GAMING CARBON WIFI... I turned on my computer, fans are good, nothing exploded, I logged into windows fine... but WIFI didn't appear. I haven't touch drivers. I will go to the link you gave me now. However, I have no ethernet, and I've never used windows... I have a mac laptop. I assume I take my 8gb usb, plug it into my mac, download the drivers onto my usb... then what? Do I have to plug in the usb to my computer, open bios, or open windows, then what? I'm in
  6. I've never used windows before... I'm in over my head. What do I need to know about windows, file type, and how to unpack it to be downloaded? DO I simply download, put onto my usb, plug in the usb to my windows computer, go into bio and it shows up? Then what? DO I have to log into windows, then extract the data from the usb and change it or open it in any certain way? What then?
  7. Hi everyone! First time builder here! I successfully downloaded windows, created and signed in, noticed I have no wifi network appearing. I have the MSI MPG Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI motherboard. I have no ethernet in my room or anywhere feasible to connect my computer to, hence I bought a WIFI motherboard. The wifi antenna is in fact correctly installed to the prongs on the motherboard, so no issue there. I have not yet touched drivers of any kind or sort yet, wondering how I might go about this. I assume I need to install the motherboard's drivers, but I don't have a
  8. thank you guys! I was sitting here waiting to turn on the pc I built for the first time and feared I'd have to wait hours for a helpful response but now I'm worry free! Thank you everyone!
  9. so do I plug the monitor and computer into the bottom 5 left plugs?
  10. HELP! Where in the UPS do I plug in my computer? Hi guys! I have a computer that has an 850watt power supply, and so I bought the CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System which is rated for 1500VA/1000watts. Where in the UPS should I be plugging in the outlet-end of my PSU into the UPS??? And did I do the math correctly for the PSU that I'd need for my computer? Ideally in a power outage it gives me 10 minutes to do a complete shutdown of my computer, I'm just also afraid that plugging the computer into the UPS 24/7 may overload the UPS but I assume I have more c
  11. oh so does that actually make it a wise move then?
  12. That doesn't sound like a cable getting caught by a fan, but just barley kinda does, make sure that no cables are hitting the fans of the GPU and case fans, CPU cooler fan by pulling the cables around the fans taught.