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  1. I have noticed that the temps on my GTX 1070 Katana were hovering around the 85 degree mark in Doom 2016 and wanted to re-paste my card to maybe lower temps or make the fans a little quieter. I went to take the card apart and felt like I gonna break something trying to separate the vapor chamber from the GPU. Is it normal to have to use a lot of force? Is it possible that the person I bought the card from used some sort of thermal adhesive? He was gonna use the card to mine bitcoin but decided not to, if that helps you with anything... Any insights are appreciated!
  2. I don't have a power supply tester and the psu is a dell proprietary pinout to match the dell motherboard. I don't wanna throw the PC out but the proprietary hardware makes it hard to salvage...
  3. I have been having issues with a dell optiplex 780 that I've modded to work as a media center and gaming PC. The computer shuts off seemingly at random. The event log in windows says the shutdowns are being requested by the button/lid. I read somewhere online that this can sometimes be linked to a PSU. I opened the psu and found a couple bulged caps. Is it safe to assume the psu is dying?
  4. Stumbled across this on one of the websites Gigabyte says is a retailer for their stuff. I was looking for a place to buy Gigabyte GPUs and one of the sites they listed was ASI. Gigabyte wasn't initially listed under the products on the site so I did a search to find an Aorus page and on the page the different laptops and were shown. I noticed the subtitles on the products were a bit odd. Some of them said things like "Whatever.", "Who Cares?", "Whats the point?" and "It's over." (Images attached to post). I then decided to try clicking on the learn more for the Graphics Cards section and