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  1. Not in Serbia sadly, in stores they go for $150+, resellers at $140.
  2. They are a bit more than the Microlab in price, $140 the lowest I can find. Are there any others of similar quality for up to a $100 or are they a big jump in quality from the cheaper ones?
  3. I'm a complete noob when it comes to audio equipment, so I can't go into much detail on what I'm after, unfortunately. I'm trying to find some budget speaker setup for movie watching and gaming on the Sony x900f which I'm using as a monitor. I live in a small apartment and they won't be used to play anything extremely loud, I'm just trying to find something that's gonna be a solid improvement over the x900f speakers for $100 or less if possible. So far I've seen a few people recommend Microlab Solo 6C, which are a bit over budget in my area, but maybe I'll settle on them if there's
  4. Thanks for elaborating! Is there a way to calculate how close do I have to sit near, for example a 32inch 1440p monitor that I plan on getting, to achieve the same clarity of my current 4k 49inch TV? I wanted to get a 1440p higher refresh screen but I got really used to large screens and having sharp text and games with little to no aliasing, so don't how how much of a difference this monitor would prove.
  5. All of those are always turned off with appropriate settings since I'm minimising input lag when using them as monitors. Contrast could be playing a role because the monitors I was looking were IPS and TN respectively so much lower this TV.
  6. I always though that PPI is the most important metric for display clarity, but everything I've seen so far indicates otherwise. A few years ago I had a 4k 40inch TV and a 1440p 27inch monitor both hooked to my PC. At appropriate viewing distsnces the TV always looks better at the native res both on desktop and within games. Now I have a 49 inch 4k TV and recently looked at a friend's 1080p 24 monitor which has a higher ppi technically, 91 against 89, but in terms of clarity there is no context, the TV kills it at any distance. Does PPI only matter when the r
  7. I technically am a VA fan but only in the TV context, as they have some fantastic panels, but for monitors yeah, basically only G7 that I've found so far. The Rog Strix XG27WQ seems similar spec-wise but the price is almost the same in my area and Samsung still seems like a step above.
  8. Thanks, I'm hoping ti's easy to get used to as it's basically the only one I'm considering really.
  9. According to rtings, G7 has the VRR range from 20-240, does this mean that gsync is then technically always active? Asking because I haven't used a VRR display earlier but I've heard that some only do it in a very limited range like 40-60fps etc.
  10. He didn't have any flickering issues while the games are in the Free/Gsync range? I've been seeing a lot of people reporting that on reddit so not sure if it exists on every model and some people just don't notice or is it panel lottery. Also how extreme does the curve seem to you? Unfortunately I'd be buying from a reseller if I'm getting one as the store prices are ridiculous for tech in my area, $600 compared to over $800 in dollar value.
  11. I switched to using 4k TVs as monitors a few years back, currently using a 49 x900f, but my 1080 Ti is showing its age for 4k and with the abysmal launches of 3080 and 6800 XT, I almost certainly won't be able to find either of them until well into 2021. Now I got used to the TV picture quality and as I usually play Triple-A and single-player games, I don't care much about ultra high refresh rates, so anything above 144 won't matter and I'll likely play newest titles even below that while maxing the settings. The Samsung G7 is the only monitor I've found that fits my criteria and i
  12. Is there a similarly priced/sounding bluetooth alternative to these headphones that's more comfortable to wear? I really like the sound quality but they are extremely tight and I can't wear them for more than 20 minutes without my ears hurting and heating up. Ideally, I wanted to find something smaller for working out but I just can't stand behind the neck bluetooth ones with dangling cables and not sure if any earbuds have similar sound quality for around $60.
  13. I'm using 2 SSD, a 256GB one which has Windows, a 512GB one for games, and an HDD for storing larger files, but recently, my 512GB SSD has started losing contact and just dropping out. It stays that way until I manually unplug and replug SATA cables and then it works fine until it stops working again at some point. When it loses contact, I can still see the drive and browse it with explorer, but .exe files become blank and stop responding. When I restart my PC then the drive just isn't there in explorer until I unplug and plug the cables back. Installing files to like games etc us
  14. Thanks, gone try streaming with another ethernet cable then, bound to be better than wireless.
  15. I'm currently using it as a monitor, but I want to play movies on the TVs OS if possible so I can still use the remote and not wrestle with HDR for every other file. I'm already doing that by streaming to Plex app over wifi but wondering if it's possible to do directly over HDMI without relying on the internet.