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  1. it returns with on button click "<a class='gotoLine' href='#107:36'>107:36</a> Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getItem' of null"
  2. exactly! this timer is being used for work and indicates when a piece of machinery should be worked on.
  3. is there a way to save the state so it doesn't keep updating and restarting the countdown?
  4. What I am trying to build is a JavaScript timer that when done the button appears which I have done. But on click of the button I would like to add 90 days to the timer and start it again but am having trouble doing this. <div class="card" style="width: 20rem;"> <div class="card-body"> <h5 class="card-title">226 manually greased zerks</h5> <h6 class="card-subtitle mb-2 text-muted">3 Month timer</h6> <ul class="nav"> <li class="nav-item"> <a class="nav-link active" href="#"><h5 id="days"></h5></a
  5. Okay thank you to both of you! I just didn't know if there was some sort of BIOS lock preventing it from running on it or something...
  6. Can i run Windows Server 2019 on this motherboard? ASRock X399 Professional Gaming sTR4