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  1. I would recommend checking this page from nvidia that list all gsync and gsync compatible monitors. I'm afraid that the Asus VG249Q1R isn't there. But if you don't mind trying, why not give it a go?
  2. I would suggest the AOC one since it claims to have Gsync, since you have Nvidia card, whereas that Asus TUF just has Freesync
  3. Maybe the old wifi card has hardware issue? I would suggest trying installing that card onto other PC if it's not too much to work on. Also is there any frequency band setting in the new/usb wifi card? I noticed this when helping my mom trying to connect her old phone to her newer one mobile hotspot and it didn't succeed, turns out the newer phone broadcast its signal on 5 GHz. After I tried to switch it to 2.4 GHz it worked as the older phone probably cannot catch the 5 GHz band.
  4. He could just teach electricity as an elementary physics subject and I would still watch it.
  5. You're right, my bad. At the time I wrote this post I didn't check it at my laptop. Instead I just googled "ASUS A442U" and somehow got that CPU model number which is a mistake. It should be 7500U.
  6. To think that it would take soo much time to sort the videos and group them I understand that this suggestion would not be prioritized right away but I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that is a good move. I did post this suggestion in the thread before making this one, but it seems that it got no response at all. Even when I started this thread I forgot if I have made one or not and somehow couldn't find that post until just recent. The similar structure of that post surprised me when I found it to be honest.
  7. Alright. Again, I get it, thanks. In case you missed the point I am totally okay with the superfast and easily rewatchable to fully understand contents. I just thought it would be greatly easier for viewers to see the videos like What is a Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 as Fast As Possible, Can You Have TOO Many CPU Cores?, and Does CPU Clock Speed Actually Matter? are put together in a playlist called, say, CPU, then Why do Monitors Display Colors Differently? and How Colour Depth Affects Image Quality as Fast As Possible in a playlist called Monitors and Display, just like that.
  8. Yes thanks for reminding that, what I suggest is about the management of the videos, like I mention in the second paragraph, in order to better the discoverability.
  9. I am a novice in the tech world. A little bit of trip down memory lane, I started to dig deeper into computer-related topics when I found a Techquickie video on LTT YouTube channel page at around the end of 2019. My world has changed after that moment. I was a person who just tell myself "Okay, i7 is better than i5 and i5 is better than i3." and was very excited when my dad gave his i7-8250U 7500U laptop (ASUS Vivobook A442U/X442U) for an "upgrade" to my i3 laptop (later I know that it wasn't an upgrade since they have the same 2 cores). I also always asked myself "Hey, what is i7 counterpart
  10. Hi LMG! I have a suggestion for Techquickie but not a topic. To start with, I would like to tell you that I am quite new to tech world, especially PC hardware. Techquickie is a starting point for me understanding them, and I am grateful and extremely thankful for you works. I also noticed that Techquickie video playlist is organized not based on topic of the videos the same way as Linus Tech Tips does. It would be far more helpful if it sorts the videos based on the topic each of them featured. For example, a playlist named 'PC Hardware 101' covers all about