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    Audio problem

    Link to the video open this link to see the problem video My all drivers are updated also did troubleshooting also roll back the drivers and also uninstalled and reinstalled but still this same problem is there can someone help plz
  2. I use windows 10 all drivers are updated also rolled back to older version still this problem is there checked my headphones and speakers with other pc there they work but here this audio logo get a red cross mark again and again adn my speakers makes a fuzzy noise VID_20200615_205906.mp4 headphones sound.aac
  3. Is this pc good for fortnite tournaments for 1080p and medium settings Intel i3 9110f GTX 1650 of 4gb Ddr4 (2x4gb) 2400 ram or ddr4 (1x4gb) +(1x8gb) 2400mhz Msi h310 motherboard PSU lapcare 450watt frequency of 45-60hz Plz help