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  1. Hello i have a dell pe 2950 server and i get the following error from the raid card whille booting - RAID Adapter Memory Error!!! Please check the SDRAM connection. Does anyone have idea if it possible to be fixed without the need of buying new one p.s. the card is PERC 6I
  2. Forgot to mention i will use it on single pc
  3. Hello, Im looking into installing windows xp on usb and boot from it if it possible. If anyone knows how please let me know thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, could someone recomend me a gaming pc for a friend for 1200 euro for Bulgaria Thanks
  5. Between 400-600 euro for Bulgaria
  6. Hey, Could someone recommend me a low-cost build that can handle games like cs:go, gta v etc.. Thanks! Edit: Between 400 to 600 euro and its for Bulgaria