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  1. update so its all good now back when i first installed warzone i messed with the game files and it didnt do anything until i got my new gpu but i reverted them back
  2. the stuttering is better but its still happens a little bit its currently 3 am i have to sleep soon haha but i did one warzone and two hardcore games and my max temp was 67C
  3. it seems that fixed it im gonna run a game
  4. The error reads Directx encountered an unrecoverable error. Check the readme for possible solutions. thats the error i get
  5. yea i went into safe mode i did the clean and restart i got the new drivers from AMD restarted after i installed i downloaded MSI afterburner and now the game launches but crashes while i go into full screen im cleaning and repairing the game files rn
  6. k well bad news did the ddu got new drivers but now when i launch the game in fullscreen it gets a direct x error
  7. what software do i need for in order to see my temps?
  8. okay which one i should do the clean and restart?
  9. u mean the model for my gpu or my storage i have a ssd and a HDD my ssd is an 500gb i cant remember who makes it but my hardrive is a 2tb barracuda
  10. what does dduing your drivers mean? like completly unistall them or fix them? and how should i go about with my temps just play and see what my temps are or stress test?
  11. GPU: MSI Radeon RX 5600xt MECH OC 6gb GDDR6 no overclock no sli CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 AF no overclock Motherboard: ASROCK b450m HDV r4.0 RAM: Team T-FORCE VULCAN TUF gaming alliance 16gb (2x8) ddr4 3200 PSU: EVGA 450 BR-0450-k1 450W Case: Cougar mx330-g mid tower 1 exhaust fan Operating System & Version: windows 10 GPU Drivers: 20.5.1 Chipset Drivers: Background Applications: discord google steam translucent taskbar wall paper engine(its off while gaming) pentablet Riot vanguard Description of Original Problem: when i play warzone or m
  12. yup thanks for the replies im waiting two weeks for sales
  13. yea i thought about that too but i want something i can get without upgrading for the next two years i think the 5600xt or the 1660s would benefit me more
  14. oh well lol honestly im fine with anything above 60 i would like to get a 144hz monitor soon but thats down the road im getting 50fps on warzone but everything else is above 144 so anything is a upgrade really lol
  15. yea its just i really dont want to go above 300 bucks but i will see if prices drop in the next 2 weeks