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  • CPU
    i5 4670K
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H
  • RAM
    8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX760
  • Case
    Fractal Define R4 Windowed
  • Storage
    2x HyperX 3K SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair RM650
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 64bit
  1. Um... that's $700.. Even the 5800X mentioned above is $500. I'm in Cana-derp. RIP appreciate the recommendation though Edit: I clicked your build link instead of just looking up the 5900X locally.... my god you guys have insane price differences down there! I appreciate the time you took to build that! Jealous.
  2. Wow, you're fast! I'm going to skip the RM series this time. Mine has some coil whine that has always bothered me. I'm thinking EVGA or Seasonic. Thanks for the input! I'll check thse out on pc part picker.
  3. Budget (including currency): $1000 Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Current titles like what's on game pass occasionally, Photoshop, Astro photo processing Other details Existing Build: i5 4670K OC'd to 4. something Gigabyte UD-something something motherboard (doesn't matter for this discussion) 16Gb DDR3 RTX2080 Corsair RM650 Fractal Define R3 case Alienware 3440x1440 ultrawide Hi everyone. I've been thinking of bringing my PC up to date. Pandemic hobby pickup was astrophotograp
  4. The US won't be buying at all in the near future (maybe as soon as next year). They'll be producing their own. That, along with the fact that Saudi oil can be extracted a million times cheaper and have flooded the market it means the price tanked. Any operations in Canada that were up and running may take a big hit but still be able to remain profitable. New prospects though need a higher price/barrell to even think about putting a shovel in the ground. "Hippie fucks" are good at keeping things in perspective. Canadians are so passive on big issues it's actually sad. I'm guilty of it
  5. But this is the opposite of what the supply and demand model dictates isn't it? In the case of 1080p, the demand is high, but the supply is also high as everyone makes a 1080p monitor, so prices are down as there is a lot of competition. For 4K, the demand is increasing, but the supply is low because of limited manufacturers and models. In this case, prices should be high, no? For 1440p, the demand is low, and there is a moderate amount of choice and stock, so in my mind they should be much cheaper. I don't work in electronics retail though, so I don't know any numbers. I'm in the s
  6. If you mean giveth to foreign companies, you got it. We've essentially sold the rights to the resources to foreign companies, and take a cut. The stupidest thing we could have done. But it was cheaper, easier and resulted in money coming in faster. It aint free though, and it's ridiculously expensive and polluting to pull out of the ground. I don't think we'll see it back at par any time soon. It's actually good for the Canadian economy to be below the US dollar. Cheaper to pay workers, etc. We're an exporting country (still mostly are). But we also had a strong manufactur
  7. I love these form factors. So great for a kitchen PC or HTPC.
  8. Wow, nice find. That's a big discount off of a fairly new product!
  9. Can't be sure without troubleshooting. Can probably assume either it wasn't making connection with some pins when it was propped up as per @vlkn´, or there are problems with pins on the MB connector to the MB PCB that reconnected with downward pressure. Could also be who knows how many other things. Not sure if you've ever had this problem, but I've had multiple tablets, phones, etc come to me where you plug in the power or USB cable and no connection is detected, but put a little pressure on them in any given direction and all of a sudden they work. I don't like sag either, but my GTX
  10. Or upward pressure caused some damage with the PCIE connector itself and dropping it back down made contact again. Most likely above is right. Don't know much about the pinouts, but I don't see why that would cause higher temps. Anyway, glad you figured it out.
  11. Maybe try downloading MSI afterburner or HWMonitor. Restart your computer and open just one of those two and check GPU usage. If you see moderate or high usage, something in the background is utilizing it.
  12. What was it idling at before? Maybe a malfunctioning temp sensor on the card. Did you update geforce experience or nvidia drivers yourself before it started happening?
  13. Got excited, then this: http://www.ncix.com/detail/ncix-bundle-deal-logitech-g502-38-103057-1301.htm Not sure why I expected the prices to be the same. For some weird reason the MSRP listed on the US site is 5 dollars more.
  14. I think I would have preferred another unknown actor, or someone famous that can do different voices. All I hear is Jack Bauer from 24 and it's distracting me from the story. Could just be the change, but that's what I feel so far.