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  1. Oddly enough my Glorious Model O mouse did light up when connected to the USB-hub, without the hub being connected to PC. But Xtrfy M4 did not, which doesn't even have software to control the RGB as it is completely driverless mouse. I'm not really concerned about controlling the RGB settings, as all of the mice I have has the setting I want as default anyways. I was also thinking about trying if the lights work with a wall USB adaptor, but I decided not to even try if the mouse breaks from that. Maybe I need to invest in Raspberry Pi or some other SFFP
  2. Hi there, So over the years I have collected quite a big collection of mice and keyboards. I was now thinking about putting those up for a display on a shelf, instead of just having them hidden in a drawer. As many of the devices have RGB, I thought it might be cool to have those lights on as well. But how would have all those lights on without connecting the cables to a computer? The power would need to come from a wall socket, but without breaking the devices. I have an USB-hub with external power supply, but at least that one doesn't light up the devices un