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  1. It looks very good but I'm looking for a cheaper one
  2. We are using Photoshop, illustrator, Rhino, AutoCAD 3D
  3. Hi. I need to get a laptop for multimedia student and not more than 1000€(1200$). We are using Photoshop, illustrator, Rhino, AutoCAD 3D.
  4. Do you think the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S 10000 mAh would be a good choice?
  5. Hi! I want to get a wall hub adapter and a power bank that will support the fast charging of the wrap charge for OnePlus 7pro. Do you know if I can find anything like that on the market or if you can suggest me the best alternative option?
  6. Which one is safer and better LastPass or Google to keep safe my address, credit card and passwords? If you know a better one and is for free please let me know.