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  1. I have a mic and a headset but neither work on my new computer that I built the other jacks don’t work either but there is a little bit of input static. It I have headphones plugged in the occasional static is more common when there is outdoing audio ie if I listen to a video it makes the static when it is loud.
  2. On my new build I have figured out most of the kinks but there is no audio input from my mic of headset there is a separate mic and headset port but the mic port doesn’t work any audio is just static I have tried the other ports. The static seems random unless I also have a headset plugged in if I do the static happens when there is a loud sound.
  3. What FPS should I exspect on fortnight 1440 p
  4. You are righ I should try making it more it is just standard
  5. On fortnight I also sometimes have really bad FPS but other times it works ok