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  1. I'm kinda mostly an indie gamer, I tend to not play many if any triple A titles, though if I get a computer that can handle running them I might play a few (though I've never been huge on popular games) I know that's still really vague but I don't really have a ton of games in mind, basically I'm a casual gamer who lays for fun not to compete really, the only one's I do that in were a few flash MMOs and card games. So basically just want to be able to run most games, maybe some triple A titles but no big deal if I can't, I guess the biggest title I play currently that would be PC is Hearthston
  2. Hey so new here but I'm looking for some advice on what the best options are for my situation. So my main problem is I've been using an old toaster I call a laptop for the last like +10 years, (I'll put some of the specs in the attached images) so yeah that kinda says how much I actually will stick with something even if it's old and not even close to top of the line, as long as it works. And the biggest reason I started looking into this at all, was that semi-recently I've had trouble even running Office/Excel on it smoothly so yeah that's kinda a huge yikes. Which honestly could probably be