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    Robchil got a reaction from notenoughtv in Nvme ssd disappeared from BIOS   
    16 or 8x is minimal difference, maybe maybe 2-5 frames you realy can see. 
    i'm running two GPU's in 8x  and i have two nvme's in raid 0.. 
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    Robchil got a reaction from Light.it.up.4.2.0 in aio water cooler wont fit ?   
    bottom left is your intel backplate, goes on the back of the board. 
    the two pieces above it should go on each side of the cooling unit, remember to clean your cpu and use the middle bottom cooling paste one rice grain size to reapply it. 
    use one the sets of screws above the arms to the cooling unit. 
    the long bolts above the cooling paste to mount the fan to the radiator.. and the small one to mount the radiator to your chassis. if you want it in the front. put the fan between chassis and radiator and only use the long screws. if the goodlooking part of the fan are facing out it should blow air in through the radiator. 
    connect your AIO to the AIO port. boot system and disable alerts for no cpufan. 
    reboot and you should be done. 
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    Robchil reacted to Spotty in Air / Water cooling?? Please.... Let me show you Fire Cooling.   
    You can't mix modular cables from different power supplies. The pinout on the PSU side varies depending on the brand and model of power supply.
    You'll either need to find the Seasonic cables to use with the Seasonic PSU, or use the Corsair cables with the Corsair PSU.
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    Robchil reacted to Dujith in PCIe WiFi Card Suggestions?   
    Always go wired when its possible. So in this case just get a cheap USB wifi dongle and after a month wire the pc and toss the dongle  
    17 Dollars should be enough for a cheap TP link one https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-desktop-10-9-10-14-Archer-T2U/dp/B07P5PRK7J/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=tp+link+usb&qid=1592747056&s=electronics&sr=1-1
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    Robchil reacted to Kanna in aio water cooler wont fit ?   
    The resistors doesn't seem to be in the way just mount the right mounting and mount the aio where it fits in the case
  6. Funny
    Robchil reacted to SomeGuy5183 in Network card won’t work in PCI slot 2   
    It’s all solved was posting this for a friend and he never ran auto run on the driver for ASUS thanks for quick reply.
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    Robchil got a reaction from BlackManINC in Encountering BSoD while using GPU intensive apps   
    figures. 520 was a bit low.. i don't setup a system with less than 1kw psu the last 15 years for gaming, most will probably say 750 should work too. depending on what cpu disks fans periferals gpu's etc. i currently have 1600w... 
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    Robchil reacted to Rylyguy in HDD Enough?   
    In ten years I want you to come back to this forum and post if he needs 12 terabytes of storage or not
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    Robchil got a reaction from Locklin in Help with airflow (Meshify S2)   
    well..  i have the FD R6. and are running a watercooling loop on it, with these radiators one 240mm in the front, 140mm bottom 360mm in the top and a 120mm in the back. 
    altho i have an RTX2080ti SLI setup and 9900K now i started with a 8700k.. 
    It depends on what you want to do, try to contain equal static preasure in the rig, 
    so if you put two 120's in the front, put two 120's in the back..  here that means one in the back and one in the top. if you can manage with Y cables, connect the two back fans to the AIO, then it is easier to keep a steady flow of air through the system and it should enable you to run the fans at lower speeds.. 700-1200 rps. try to use the same brand fans all around. but as long as they are the same rpm it should be ok. 
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    Robchil reacted to Nicnac in New Gpu slight sag   
    I was just about to mention Jay's solution to this ^^
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    Robchil got a reaction from Nicnac in New Gpu slight sag   
    they all are, i think jayz2cent found a fix, put a thin paper or something around the bottom lips of the plate you mount the screws on. that's where the sag is, in the play on the bottowm lips of that bracket. if you manage to tighten that area it would look better. 
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    Robchil reacted to riyusso in Stuttering and freezing every 3-6 hours   
    I hope I don't spoil it but I think I fixed it and I hope that this can be of help to someone. It has been 3 days without any issues so far.
    I think there's a bug when the GPU is exiting out of low power mode and to get rid of it, you have to change the Power management mode to "Prefer maximum performance" in the Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings. Then restart your PC, because it doesn't seem to have an effect immediately, atleast not in MSI Afterburner.
    Keep in mind that this is not a perfect solution. It will make your GPU run at high clocks all the time and increase your power draw. This should probably used only if it happens really frequently like it does in my case, not if it happens once a month or something. Hopefully this is a workaround for everyone struggling with this issue atleast until it's fixed by Nvidia/AMD/Microsoft/MSI.
    I was hoping that I could report this but I'm not sure where, I've seen plently of threads about this issue.
    Holy fuck, I finally managed to fix it after half a year of constant stuttering and freezing.
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    Robchil reacted to Ben a cava in New pc shows blank screen on bootup   
    All good it was my ram I was thinking like doesn’t ram do this and I had to push it in a bit more hhaa
  14. Informative
    Robchil got a reaction from Anannyo in Help with Push/Pull setup for 360mm AIO   
    Just curious, logicaly, you don't run fans at 3k RPM unless you want a jet enginge sound from your system... you will need noisecanceling headset. and everyone around will wonder how you can handle it. 
    but back to the setup. if you have have 2k rpm fans pushing air into the radiator, it gets enough air. BUT, they will also work as restriction, and the pulling fans on the other side at 3k RPM will have less air since the bottom fan only sends a constant preasure the pulling fans will need more and they generate an underpreasure in the radiator and the pulling fans will overspeed due to lack of air, making even more sound. 
    usually when someone buys a watercooling setup it to have a quiet system, or to run the system overclocked over longer period of time, or both. 
    so back to the basic again. you want to run an AIO to cool your brand spanking new CPU.. but why? 
    If you realy want a push pull on an AIO use the same fans on both side and Y cables or a controller to control them. don't put it in your CPU fan socket, unless you want the fans to ramp up all the time. altho to get it quiet and controlled, you'll need to know the water temperature to run the fans up when the water gets warmer. set your fan control software to increas fans after water temp, water temps change slower than cpu temp. 
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    Robchil reacted to For Science! in Water cooling a pc with liquid nitrogen   
    This has been done before, without the sarcasm.

  16. Agree
    Robchil got a reaction from Drama Lama in Water cooling a pc with liquid nitrogen   
    LN2 overclocking is nothing you run every day, it's for the fun of doing it, and have it stabile 10 minutes ... 
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    Robchil got a reaction from kamiraasu in PSU clicks on startup no boot   
    fried 12v rail? 
    you might have to open it to check internal fuses on the PSU, and clean it if it's dusty. if it was shorted get a new one. to big risk to see if it turns on when you risk frying your mainboard and everything on it. 
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    Robchil got a reaction from Anxious Hairball in Is my ISP slowing down/blocking game launchers?   
    this is probably a weakest link and congestion issue, they might have set a max bandwith for "gamelauncher" service on their firewall.  have you tried during other times of the day than you are normaly on? ..  setup teamviewer on your pc and logon and try downloading while you are at work? 
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    Robchil got a reaction from Yukha in Adding 2x8GB or 16GB RAM?   
    yes you loose your advantage of dual channel with 1 stick, 
    you will have to look in your mainboard manual what configurations are available. if you already have 2x8GB i'm not sure it will support 1 stick in the second channel. 
    Edit: it supports 1, 2 or 4 dimms.... so no singel stick unless you have no other 
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    Robchil got a reaction from Gamer Guy in Help choosing PSU   
    one is bronze, and the white is standard. 
    that's the diifference, more or less.. one cable for periferals more on the bronze one. 
    bronze are more efficiant, than the standard one.. but only by 5%  so it might have a bit longer lifetime .. 
    but i would go higher if i planned on overclocking in that system. 
  21. Agree
    Robchil got a reaction from Haro in Help choosing PSU   
    from those, unless you are doing a white build.. i would do the first cooler master PSU. 
  22. Funny
    Robchil reacted to GenericFanboy in Help My Build Wont Turn On   
    This happened to me. Turned out i forgot to hit the switch on the back of the PSU out of sheer excitement. Might this be the case? 
  23. Informative
    Robchil got a reaction from BlackManINC in PC Powering off while gaming only   
    I would go with a 1Kw PSU and forget about it ever existed after that. altho. due to lack of availability, if you only get a 850w platinum PSU that should do it too. 
    It might be hard to get a new PSU above 450w atm. at an acceptable price. 
    hmm.. i found a realy cool webreport on the psu i'm using. an EVGA G2 1600W supersomthing.. that was funny to read, and altho it's only marked gold, it delivers Platinum power consistently. https://www.jonnyguru.com/blog/2014/08/18/evga-supernova-1600-g2-power-supply/ this one. 
    Jayz2cent and a few others have mentioned it too. but over all.. most powersupplies are more efficient at half load, and drawing less power than it normaly would need. 
  24. Agree
    Robchil got a reaction from BlackManINC in PC Powering off while gaming only   
    Sounds like you know your shit.. 
    still.. i don't know what's normal for your system.. but i run two 2080 ti in SLI custom loop, and they hardly go much above 53degrees, cpu goes to 70ish, after i delidded it and applied metal liquid. 
    i've been down the PSU road before and do as Jayz2cent.. calculate what you need and double it.  PSU's runs better at half load anyway. 
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    Robchil got a reaction from lionetm in No compromise gaming PC (~4600$ budget) - should I wait a few more months?   
    wait until new AMD cpu's and rtx3000 series are released if you already have something that is running now. 
    and get gen4 m.2 disks.. they are faster than gen3. the new amd boards utilize it, but the latest intelchipset still don't have it.