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  1. hi guys following problem: my friend has a ryzen 2700x, b450 tomahawk max, and corsair 3200 rgb sticks. if he starts the computer in bios it shows 8gb of ram. in windows it shows 16gb but only 8 are useable. i brought my ripjaws 3200 2 8ghz and it worked in bios and windows. now we reordered the ram, came today new corsair ram same issue.. can u help us?
  2. oh im blind never heared of vega 64, sapphire i like tough, had an rx590 amd nitro sapphire + in blue
  3. mr cat you did help me again:) csgo still not working but my fps without the amd driver went higher then before now i can enjoy my rtx 2070 im curious which amd do you have?
  4. just found out nvidia did delete the driver i had on my computer watch this: and this one was installed on my pc:
  5. ok im driver free now, any tipps for the new nvidia installation?
  6. ok ddu found rx590 shit, did delete it. you want me to delete the nvidia things again? and reinstall or no?
  7. should i only reset gpu drivers? or should i delete EVERYTHING?
  8. oh salut mr. cat again could you give me further information, im pretty new to this all
  9. Hi guys i have the problem that csgo and css are stuttering after i changed from a rx590 to an rtx 2070. i have good ping and high fps i did uninstall the amd drivers and installed the newest nvidia drivers. f1 2019, modern warfare, farcry 5, dirt 2.0, forza horizon 4, fifa 20 are working completly fine. good fps no laggs etc. the only problem i have is with csgo and css could you help me?
  10. hi i am from germany looking for a good rtx im only playing 1080p at the moment. which is the best card for the smallest wage?