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  1. Recently I've been working on a HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 and I had some difficulties with the Intelligent Provisioning. Some files were missing and I downloaded the Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media from HPE. I created an USB-stick with it and I tried to boot it on my server (no operating system is installed). Now the message "versamenu.c32: not a COM32R image" shows up and I have no idea how to fix it. Does anyone maybe know something about this?

  2. 1 minute ago, Medicate said:

    Those cards are so similar that it comes down to price. If the cards are priced the same or very close (like 10.- to 20.- CHF) then I'd go with the 2070, if the 2060Super is significantly cheaper then go with that one.

    yeah, the RTX 2060S is a little bit cheaper (40-60CHF)

  3. 6 minutes ago, Joshua Castilleja said:


    I'm kinda mostly an indie gamer, I tend to not play many if any triple A titles, though if I get a computer that can handle running them I might play a few (though I've never been huge on popular games) I know that's still really vague but I don't really have a ton of games in mind, basically I'm a casual gamer who lays for fun not to compete really, the only one's I do that in were a few flash MMOs and card games. So basically just want to be able to run most games, maybe some triple A titles but no big deal if I can't, I guess the biggest title I play currently that would be PC is Hearthstone but I'm fairly certain that has very little graphics needs compared to most big games.  It's kinda a thing of if the rig I end up getting can handle bigger games I'll look at my options, if it can't as long as it can handle some more basic games I'm perfectly fine with that as well. As for FPS and triple a games, never been a huge fan of the "popular-mainstream-everyone-plays-it" games, except for smash bros. And I've always had horrible reaction time and aim so most fps games I don't really even touch, though I'm much better with mouse and keyboard than controller, so if the option is there I would try it but if not it wouldn't change my life or anything.


    As for the whole moving thing, for option B, I didn't mean I'd be moving the desktop around place to place, I meant that I would have the desktop at home in a permanent place but would need something else to take to school to take notes, write essays, surf the web from bed or at Starbucks, maybe even have some small games on, but it'd be like a budget laptop.

    Well, in my opinion then, you should go with the ASUS laptop (from your recommendations) . It isdecent for a decent price. You can ask others for their opinion but i'd go like that

  4. 6 minutes ago, Nisipasu said:



    I have an Asus Prime Z390-A and a i5 9600KF.


    I managed to repair some bended pins on a Z390-A Prime and i don't have an GPU yet for my rig.


    As the CPU doesn't have an integrated graphics I was wondering if I can boot or turn on the PC and access the BIOS without an GPU card to see if the CPU and motherboard is working properly.


    Thank you in advance.

    No, it cant. You need at least integrated graphics on your cpu. Otherwise it cant display it

  5. Well, first of all, you shouldnt trust any 3rd party driver updater, they are most likely shit. Aswell as the Device Manager. You cant really update the drivers only with the Device Manager. Best thing is to just go to the manufacturers website and search for any component to download the newest driver.