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  1. whats in it now is a 3800x with stock cooler and front intake top and rear exhaust with a 5600xt gpu. switching stuff around, guess I will have to put the 3900x in the corsair 220t I have.
  2. Yeah, if I did not already own most of the stuff I would go with something, but I am upgrading a friends with parts we have on hand to help him out some. Need a way to make an aio work in this case if I can
  3. NZXT H510 case. Do you think putting a 240mm arctic freezer II aio front mounted as an intake will be enough to cool an R9 3900x. I plan on a 120mm top mount, and another rear mount for exhaust Will have a triple fan 3060 graphics card. Thanks in advance for you help
  4. My laptop decided to not work anymore. It lights up and I know one of the cooling fans turns on, the HD spins so there is power going to it. But I get no display. Even plugging in an external monitor I get no video. While typing this I just noticed that it turns on when plugged in, but when you unplug it. it will not turn on. The charging light is on, but letting it set for 10 mins with the charging light on, then unplugging it, it will not turn on. Could it be possible that the battery being bad could cause it to not work at all with the graphics? MSI GE72 2QD
  5. Having a little issue, not sure what setting I am missing. When playing Ark, My GPU utilization is like 40% and I get fps in the 70-80 range with spikes above 100 every once in awhile. I have a 1440p monitor that can do 165hz. windows setting are correct. I just feel like I should be able to get better fps. I can get 150+ in some other games. Any help would be appreciated. I am running in a windowed so under the 1440p with all settings at epic. The thing I am wondering about is why do I never get over 40ish% utilization. running an 3900x with 32gb of
  6. Sorry, I have not taken any pictures of my build yet as I am still looking for a couple more parts to complete it. There is a couple YouTube videos of people building in it, that would be a good place to see the case.
  7. I bought this case. I wanted to by the 011 dynamic anyway, and this was only 30 dollars more than the stock one. I also thought I would like the mirrored finish because it would make the RGB more subtle when the lights are on in my room. It does exactly that, with the lights off in the room the RGB in the case shines really well. I am not huge fan of RGB but think that a little looks good. I do not however think I would have paid basically double for it. I really did not care about the special edition aspect of the case, I just wanted the mirrored finish
  8. For me, that was what I liked the most. I like a little subtle RGB, so having the mirrored finish while working with the lights on there won't be any RGB that really shows through, but when I am gaming and the lights are normally lower it should shine through. That is what I am hoping will be the case.
  9. Yes. when I was looking for one last week, I could not find one on Newegg or Amazon. There might have been some other places that had it, but I did not see any. I ordered the PCMR version of it. Newegg shows it as shipped, but UPS does not yet.
  10. Honestly, I was looking for an 011, but most places they showed as out of stock. This one popped up and I actually like the mirrored finish, and the fact that it will lighten the lighting, if that makes sense. I have one on order, and I see now that they are pretty much sold out here. I hope to have my system moved over to it this weekend, for the most part. I plan to order some more Fans because I really do not like the ones I have, and once I upgrade the end of this year, beginning of next I plan on a custom water loop, so this is a good case for me.
  11. I have an NZXT H510. I really liked the look of it, But I pretty much am running with the side panel off, because it gets a bit too hot inside it. Finally got an aio for the processor, but I seem to run hot on the gpu if the side is on the case.
  12. Pretty much, I have just not seen any good reviews for it. I am looking for a case with a little more room. The case I have now just does not seem to have enough airflow so I am looking for something that will work better. I also want something that looks good as well.
  13. https://www.newegg.com/white-metallic-gear-neo-qube-dual-chamber-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E16811700009?Description=duel computer case&cm_re=duel_computer_case-_-11-700-009-_-Product&quicklink=true Any feedback on this case? I was looking at the Lian Li 011 Dynamic, but I can't seem to find in anywhere that it is in stock. The Dynamic XL also looks pretty nice, but not sure if it would be worth the extra 50 bucks. Just looking for thoughts Thanks
  14. I can see this, their phone may be working but their internet at home may be down. Had that happen several times, before I got my internet really stable. If my home internet goes down, I can't do my work, but I can still email people from my phone
  15. So, it was still acting up when I got home from work. Factory reset and setting it back up fixed the issue. Not sure what happened, but at least it is working now. I also changed my default DNS from Spectrum to googles. That could have been the issue, because I know couple other people said they were having some weird issues. Thanks everyone for the suggestions
  16. I will let you know what it is doing tomorrow. I think I am going to call it a night, hopefully everyone in the house will have their Netflix or Hulu working all night, or they will be bugging me.
  17. There is nothing funny with the modem at all, sorry. the diagnostic on it comes back fine. Web browsing seem to have a little issue loading a webpage at first, so is it possible that I am having a DNS issue, or perhaps Spectrum is at the moment?
  18. Nothing, just the solid amber light on the internet one. linksys web interface does not show any issues. Log files dont show anything out of the ordinary. I got it one time to come on with a solid white light but the 2.4ghz wireless did not come on, so had to reset it.
  19. Tried that like 3 times. I am just gonna wait until tomorrow and see what it does. Could be some weird thing with my provider. I hate to have to buy a new router again. But maybe tomorrow will be recommendations for a new router
  20. No, even when I reset it comes up, tries to detect the internet and then goes straight to solid amber. but the internet works somewhat. troubleshooting says it is a configuration issue, but nothing has been changed on it. I even had to look up my password because I have not had to touch it in a year or two.
  21. My Linksys WRT3200ACM is starting to act weird. The amber light is on for the internet. My internet is working, just seems to be a little slow to load web pages and other things. This is something new for it, as usually my internet and router are very solid.
  22. I finally broke 1m points for the team. I haven't been able to leave my computer on for more than a couple hours here and there to fold. I hit 1.5m ppd if I could just let it do it's thing. I used to do folding about 10 years ago. that is the scores from Satelliteguys.
  23. This is so true, I mean I built one once. 4mb of memory for 200 bucks. Then a 4x CDrom and soundblaster card for 600 bucks. stuff was expensive
  24. I learned it was way easier to build a computer now then it was 20 years ago. I mean 2 hours to put it together and about an hour to install everything. That is nothing compared to the whole day it used to take.
  25. I am running a 5700xt right now. My system specs are in my signature. I have been playing games all day today and running a couple of folding@home work units. It has been sitting at 90%+ pretty much all day and not a single glitch or slow down.