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  1. Hi so I have headphones that has a built in mic but my PC has 2 seperate jacks. When I use one I get audio but no mic and when I use the other I get on mic but no audio. I have a ASRock Pro btc + What should I do?
  2. Sorry supposed to message the above as a reply
  3. For example I saw warzone being played at 120hz at 4k from YouTuber Jackfrags yet no RTX 3070 was able to do that.
  4. Hi so I'm genuinely torn as to which to choose and here's why I really only play a few games a year around 5. Based on the last year its been Warzone and multiplayer, Bloodborne, AC Odessessy, AOE 2 DE, and Red Dead Redemption 2. So I've seen benchmarks of games run on the PS5 and on RTX 3070 and it appears that for most games run at 60fps at 4k on PS5 which is roughly what the RTX 3070 can achieve. I will mostly play at 60fps and 4k as I play on TV and don't really want to get a monitor. My build for a PC would've been a Ryzen 5 3600
  5. But in South Africa those parts cost considerably more 3600 is $268 Ripjaws is $90 Similar Motherboard is $115 So that's like 91 (1400 Rand)dollars over
  6. Yes this would be ideal but the price difference between a b450 and b550 is about 1500 Rands so it'll just put me over budget
  7. Budget (including currency): 19000 Rand Country: South Africa Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Only Gaming at 4k Other details: What I have already: 800w Psu, Case, Ssd and HDD Why only 4k: Well I don't have a monitor but do have a pretty good 4k LG TV and I'm more of a couch gamer. If I do get a monitor in the future it'll be a 1440p monitor. What do I need: Cpu, mobo, ram So my budget is strained so based on local pricing a RTX 3070 is 13000( $800 USD because of local taxes and customs) So I have around 6k to spend
  8. I will enable it via DHCP that I saw on some how to guides.
  9. Hello and thanks for your help. So let me explain my current internet setup. I have DSL internet (no fibre available) and have it connected to a modem/router combo(router 1) unit which is connected via ethernet to another router(router 2) to act as an access point for better WiFi upstairs. My Plex server is connected to router 2 via ethernet cable. How can I access Plex from router 1 locally? I can't enable remote access on Plex because I have bad upload speed on my DSL internet. Thanks for your help
  10. Hi So I have to get a new router just because the WiFi signal is poor in my house. So I was looking and I saw routers ranging from R400($30) to R1500($100) and most of them talk about speeds like 833mbs and speeds way higher than 100mbs. I have a 20mbs DSL line. I don't have fibre in my area as yet so this is best I can get in South Africa at the moment. I want to know if there's any reason to go for any router higher than the $30 router. Yes I understand that the more expensive routers may have better signal but I would guess the $30 provides enough signal coverage and they both ha
  11. Yes and in SA that support is far worse cause our carriers first add their rubbish to the update before they roll out an update or if they just don't care to share the update, A friend of mine only received Android 10 with 1 UI last week for his S8. While the update was available for months around the world.
  12. Thanks I was going to say the exact same thing. Tbh I didn't even know that LG and Sony were still in the smartphone space in SA cause it's not even marketed.