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  1. That's the lowest wattage available. Glad to know it's actually decent.
  2. I'm going to build a new office PC for my aunt, I will be using the following components: Intel I3 10100 Stock cooler IGPU ASROCK H410M HDV R2.0 2x8 GB kit of RAM PATRIOT BURST 240 GB SSD 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD For the PSU I would like to know if the ADATA XPG PYLON 450W BRONZE would be fine for years to come.
  3. Yes, I researshed quiet a bit before buying this PSU, I wanted to go overkill on purpose. I didn't know what GPU I would be able to buy when I bough the PSU so I wanted to be ready for a 3070, also as far as I understand, the 750W produces less heat than a 550W does while delivering the same 200W. This of course depends on which PSU we are talking about, there can be a god tier PSU of 500W but they are not that common. I just wanted to know if any1 has experience with this particular Seasonic (AKA NZXT) unit on 24/7 operation.
  4. I have started to mine some BTC to gain back some of the extra I had to pay for my GPU, I'm mining 24/7 for now, the GPU (RTX 3060) is optimize using Nicehash Quick miner setting. It slows down the clock to 1500 MHz and also lowers the power limit so it draws about 111W while mining, the RIG should be consuming about 200W in total because I'm also using the CPU to mine (R7 2700 on stock setting so about 65W of power draw). I would like to know if this PSU is solid enought for 24/7 operation under the stated conditions.
  5. I'm trying to choose between these 2: MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX ($95) MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX ($133) Acording to the Tier List, the B450 Pro VDH is decent but I just don't want to have any issues related to power delivery, that's my only concern
  6. I have the XMP profile activated for the memory but I've run a memtest86 and it passed, I don't know anyother way to test for memory errors. In the CPU site, I actually have SMT off and a little undervolt.
  7. I just understood what you meant. Yes, the Kernel Power error might be because I'm forcing the shutdown
  8. It's a Bequiet 500W system power u9 unit. I highly doubt that capacity is a problem. Crashes happpen normaly when I'm using the broswer but I can play Dota 2 and do demmanding activities withouth any issue. There's still a possibilty that the PSU is failing for other reasons.
  9. Please help me! I'm currently using a B450 HDV and I want to upgrade to a motherboard that has decent oc capabilities. I wouldn't like to spend more money than necesary but I do want a solid board to get the most out of my 2700 and have the posibility to upgrade to Ryzen 4000 series in the future without any issue. Prices are higher because I'm not from the US. Unless there's a good discounted board on Amazon that ships global I have to stick to theses ones. MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX ($95) Gigabyte B450 Aorus M ($103) Asus TUF B450M-Plus ($115) Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite ($121) MSI B450 Gami
  10. not really. It have crashed during web broswing, starting desktop, twice a day. Then I use the computer all day long. Playing Dota 2, spotify and Firefox tabs without any issue. Sometimes it doesn't crash, it's pretty random
  11. Here's a video. Mouse, keyboard and monitor stop recieving power but PC's fans keep spining t_video5060181669005230245.mp4
  12. Ryzen 7 2700 Asrock B450 HDV R4.0 8 GB DDR4 from Oloy (1 stick) RX 570 MSI 120 GB SDD Team Group 2 TB HDD Seagate 500W PSU from Bequiet (System Power U9)