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  1. So the Ram I bought were- Micron 8GB PC4-2133P-R DDr4 2133Mhz Reg ECC DIMM MTA18ASF1G72PZ-2G1A2 x4 Totaling to 32GB DDR4 They came Early and like I said I would post an update. Still same problems can't install windows 10 at all, I keep getting Blue Screen of Death or my system just resets, tried with 3 different Windows 10 downloads on 4 different USB's, and the Official Windows 10 USB that I bought. Nothing seems to working, I need some help please. I've tried- Windows 10 Pro (Downloaded copy as well as an Official copy),
  2. Well I tired of each ram, with just 1 CPU before, I had thought it was the CPU and bought a replacement Intel Xeon E5-2698 v4 ES, but the problem still persisted. I just bought 4x Micron 8gb Ram PC4-2133P-R DDR4 2133Mhz Reg ECC MTA18ASF1G72PZ-2G1A2. Hopefully it was just and incompatibility issue but I need to wait till Wed 19 Feb to find out. All my parts are new other than the CPU, all the sockets are fine no bent/broken pins, had my first board replaced by ASUS themselves but because I was impatient and Asus was taking there time I bought a second motherboard ju
  3. Hi all, I am hoping to get some help with my system, my system is completely unstable I fresh install windows 10 and sometimes my system would work fine for a couple of days or weeks and then I will have all sorts of Blue Screen non stop on a constant basis until I reinstall windows 10 of which I will keep having different Blue Screen errors until I finally get an installed working windows for another few days to weeks. I have used multiple different Windows install including Official Microsoft Windows 10 Installers My component Asus Z10PE-D16-WS - BIOS 4101 Dual In