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  1. so ignore the display port slot on the back of my pc case where io shield is?
  2. Hello, i'm a computer newbie and i just built a new pc for the first time. I downloaded windows 10 and my monitor screen keeps flickering. Also, when i try to open nvidia control panel, there's an error message saying "you are not currently using a display attached to nvidia gpu". My gpu is connected properly to power supply i double checked. this might be really dumb question but Do i need to put display port to gpu and the monitor? i of course put display port from my monitor to the back of my pc (motherboard) instead. Im so confused.. my screen won't stop flic
  3. I just installed windows and my monitor screen keeps flickering. I went to display settings and changed the advanced setting to 144hz cuz my monitor Lg GL850 is 144hz monitor. However, set at 144hz, screen keeps flickering. I changed the display setting to 120hz instead, and flickering stops. Why is this happening? I thought display setting at 144hz is a normal thing to set up since my monitor is also 144hz. Do i need to download some drivers to stop monitor flickering? im confused
  4. I just build a new pc and I am doing the BIOS setting right now. I have 3200mhz RAM but it's showing as 2133mhz so I enabled XMP according to the instructions on forum. Under "XMP" it says 'Enabled' and also 'XMP DDR4-3200' which i assume ram is now changed from default 2133mhz to 3200mhz. However, the above section called "DRAM Status", it still shows as 'Corsair 16384MB 2133MHZ' for each of my 2 16GB RAM sticks. I attached the photo. Do i just ignore the "DRAM Status" RAM mhz numbers? Is my ram changed to 3200mhz or not yet? Thanks in advanced!
  5. I enabled 'XMP' and it automatically set my RAM to 3200, showing it as 'XMP DDR4-3200' unless i'm understanding this number wrong. I saved and restarted pc. It shows 'XMP DDR4-3200' as i saved it so i thought it worked well, but in the photo i attached above, under 'DRAM Status' my two ram sticks show as 2133MHz is this normal? One part is showing "xmp ddr4-3200" which i assume changing the ram mhz worked, but the other part "DRAM Status" still shows as 2133. two different numbers i have right now
  6. if i try another monitor but still gets the same flickering result, is it mostly likely due to my graphics card? if the other monitor is also flickering, do you think it's worth setting up windows and set the display setting to something like 144hz (same as my monitor 144hz) ? I was so excited after building this pc but didn't expect to have this problem
  7. yea my ram is 3200mhz. i am very confused with the BIOS page right now cuz under 'XMP' tab in EzMode screen, it says 'enabled - XMP DDR4-3200' which sounds correct. However, the above section 'DRAM Status' keeps showing it as 2133MHz for each ram stick i have. I attached the photos. i don't know which one i should follow.
  8. i9 9900k cpu. Asus rog maximus xi hero. I installed 2 sticks of RAM in the second and fourth slot. (counting from the left near the cpu). Did i install it wrong? i followed the youtube video and have no idea.
  9. I just built a new pc and i am setting BIOS right now, and I see the screen flickering very fast. Im not sure if this problem is from the monitor or graphics card or maybe its cuz i haven't set the display setting to proper hz? my monitor is 144hz and bios page keeps flickering any ideas? pls help
  10. i did. its still showing it as 2133mhz on the ezmode page
  11. Hello, I just build a new PC for the first time and I am struggling with BIOS settings. I noticed default RAM is 2133MHz no matter what MHz RAM i installed on the mobo. ( i have 32gb 3200mhz RAM (16gb x2) ) I followed some instructions found online and went to Advanced Mode - Extreme Tweaker - Ai Overclock Tuner - it was auto and I changed it to XMP1. Then there was XMP tab right under the Ai overclock Tuner tab, and it's showing XMP DDR4- 3200 just like in the first photo that i attached. I thought it was all set and good to go. However, when i go to EzMode and c
  12. Hello! I'm currently building a gaming PC for the first time and I'm stuck with connecting cables from PSU. I have 2 Corsair RGB Hubs and 1 Lighting Node Pro installed on my case, so I have total of 3 Sata powers that need to be connected to SATA power cable. Can I use 1 SATA power cable from PSU box to connect all those 3 Sata powers from RGB hubs and Lighting Node pro hub? Since this single SATA power cable has exactly 3 spots to connect. I'm confused cuz this single SATA power cable only has one end to put it into the PSU socket. It doesn't need the other end to install
  13. I am finally starting to understand things about all this and I don't know how to thank you more! I'll order those fan splitters and make sure i do the cable management carefully. I will ask your help if you have time when I struggle again with those additional components! Thank you!!
  14. wow although I'm a newbie in pc building but this helps me understand so much better. thank you so much for your time and effort!! I guess i'll go with 8 fans so I'll buy 4 fan splitters like this model right here? https://www.amazon.com/JBtek-Black-Sleeved-Splitter-Converter/dp/B01EF9OI0O/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=fan+splitter&qid=1582722277&sr=8-3 this product is already 2 pack so i guess i can buy 2 of these to make it total 4 fan splitters. for my corsair fans. For noctua, i'm only using 1 fan instead of 2, and i already installed in the cpu fan slot. i guess i'm good with noctua
  15. Yes. If i'm going to go with 6 fans total, I would use my 2 packs of LL 120 3 pack (total 6fans, replacing pre installed case fan). If i were to go with 8 fans total (adding 2 more fans at the bottom of the case), I was going to use 2 of the 3 pre installed case fan at the bottom. Honestly, I think it'll be enough with 6 fans and 8fans it would make things more complicated but idk tbh.. maybe i should have bought prebuild one Noctua fan I'm only using 1 fan in the middle cuz of the ram clearance, and i already installed the cable on the motherboard at the cpu cooler spot.