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  1. yeah i just decided to use H.264 4:4:4 Lossless because it looks great and isn't super compressed
  2. i'll try that MagicYUV real quick and see if i like it
  3. yes i know AVI is not a Codec i said AVI because in bandicam you can only use XVID, MPEG-1, Motion JPEG, YV12 and RGB24 in AVI mode if you switch it to record in MP4 it only gives you the options of HEVC (or H265), H264, and MPEG-4 that's why i said AVI YV12 to clarify that you can only use YV12 in AVI mode not MP4. Also like i said i would like a Codec that doesn't compress the video file or very little so something in the middle of H265 and YV12 because H265 or H264 is toooooo compressed to the point that it makes Premiere Pro lag even on 1/4 resolution because it has to try to decompress al
  4. yeah that's a no go i have always for some reason had problems with ShadowPlay giving me weird audio glitches and being choppy randomly and before you ask yes i have tried changing LITERALLY EVERY SETTING on there to get it to work but it just sucks. Bandicam never gives me any stutters and only effects my FPS by like 2-4 which is nothing. and obviously shadowplay uses H264 which HIGHLY compresses videos which is what i'm trying to avoid because like i said i want my editing software to run smoothly so i can drop new videos on my channel as fast as possible
  5. Ok so i record with Bandicam cause i like it, and it's simple to use but one thing that is not simple is the Codecs i want to know what is the best codec that's lossless but doesn't make my editing software be slow as hell because as you know the more compressed the recording is the slower your editing software will be at editing it. i did try in bandicam AVI MPEG-1 cause a lot of people said "oh it looks good and doesn't make your FPS eat shit while recording" but when i was done recording a 2 HOUR VIDEO and was going to edit it i noticed the quality was CHOPPY AS HELL, i recorded at 50FPS bu
  6. yeah i agree with that, that card is beyond overly expensive right now because people bought it as soon as it came out just to sell it for 2-3 times the original price i hate people
  7. ok so should i say fuck it then and buy an RTX 2060?
  8. well i was just wondering cause i will mostly only play games like Arizona Sunshine, Pavlov, Boneworks and The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners - games like that
  9. ok so i Pre-Ordered the Oculus Quest 2 like a lot of other people and while i was sitting here i was wondering cause i have never done VR would i be fine with a GTX 1660 Super or should i upgrade before i get the headset? or will i have a comfortable experience with the current specs? my other specs is i7-3770 and 16GB's Of Ram and yes i'm wondering cause obviously i'm going to connect it to my PC via Oculus Link
  10. NVM i fixed the problem myself since it was looking like no-one was gonna help CYA later
  11. like i said if i have both connected everything goes to black so i can't troubleshoot or check anything and when i have them by themselves it works fine and shows up as the correct Monitor/Drawing tablet
  12. no but like i said the "the drawing tablet by itself it works fine but as soon as i plug the second thing (My Monitor) everything still goes black" it's just when i have both the monitor and drawing tablet connected that everything goes to black and then i need to restart the PC and only have 1 plugged in or it wont boot
  13. so basically here's the problem i have a monitor right and an XP Pen 22E Pro drawing tablet which have worked fine since i got it until yesterday, yesterday when i tried to boot up my PC everything would be black and that's it so i did a lot of things but what fixed it was was unplugging the HDMI going to my drawing tablet and then the PC booted up so i decided ok well it's booted so i should be able to plug my drawing tablet back in but no as soon as i did that everything went black on my main monitor and the drawing tablet says No Connection and i'm on the latest drivers for my graphics card
  14. you might be right honestly because when ever a new console comes out they don't have that many games right away so it might actually benefit me to wait a year to get it so that then there will be lots of games to play and enjoy