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  1. DVI monitor used to mirror booting sequence and BIOS. Now it isnt mirroring it and only says no signal. Is there any option to force it to mirror ?
  2. Hello, I have dual monitor setup, one is connected via HDMI, which work everytime. Second is connected via DVI and working only in windows, When booting it show no signal detected. In past it worked in booting sequence as bios aswell. Ryzen 5 3600, asus x570-p, MSI rx 470 8GB, 16gb ram
  3. Thank you, found something in bios so it shold be sync now probably
  4. Hello, I have asus x 570p motherboard which has only 1 CPU fan heather and 3 CHA fan heathers. I have noctua NHD15 cooler which has 2 CPU fans. Is there any option to transfer or make cha fan heather as cpu fan heather? Any other options to solve my problem? Mobo schematic:
  5. Hello, recently I bought new cpu/mobo combo and its AMD, previously had intel. Used same SSD with windows 10 which worked. I was surprised it worked so didnt reinstall it. Today when I checked windows update there was and intel update. How to delete/uninstall all intel stuff?
  6. we talking about i7 6700k which cost second handed 200euros and new r5 3600 with b550 mobo new cost 250euros
  7. so basically I fcked uo and need new cpu/cpu+mobo combo
  8. i tried to reset cmos ( remove battery wait and put it back) tried to boot up without heatsing pulling cpu with finger untill hot
  9. fans are spinning, cpu is getting hotter and no usb power