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  1. I was able to find a CX 650W this one comes with 2x 6+2 pin connectors
  2. So I finally went for a CX 650. I was able to find one new on that store. Ty for all the help.
  3. So you recommend me staying with the 450 w? I thought upgrading to the 700 w BR , while worse quality, will still be more future proof in case I would like to change some parts along the way. Also, is using a mollex to conver a single 8 pin connector to 2 x 8+ 2 pin connectors a bad idea? are they going to work fine like if they were 2 independent pin connectors?
  4. Do you think the 450W will be able to supply that wattage? I have heard that no PSU provides what it says it does, so the 450w is going to be providing around 430W for example.. it is a Bronze + so it should have a 85% effiency margin.
  5. There is no better 550w where I live, just more EVGA BR PSU and a CX 650 but it is out of stock
  6. I do have a mollex! But was going to change it because someone told me above that I should go for the 700w BR instead. If you guys think the 450 W will handle the RX 5700 XT then I will stick with it. Now I am confused with all the information around here hehe..
  7. The EVGA 700BR 80 + Bronze is the only "best" and bigger PSU I can afford. Will it be enough?
  8. And it helps if I have the extra cables at home to tranform a single 6 +2 pin connector to 2 x 6+2 pin connectors? But focusing on power consumption, will that 450 be enough? or should I change it for the 700 BR EVGA PSU?
  9. I have done my research and according to the calculators my rig will consume 410 Watts at best but I have read in other places that you need a 550-600w PSU for this specific model. That is why I am asking to the experts
  10. What a beautiful monster you are planning to build! My recommendations are the following: Try going for a cheaper Case. There are plenty of cases that look good and are way cheaper than that one. Recommend NZXT cases and Cooler Master. Do you really need a 1TB SSD? The SSD is very good for the OS but for gaming (in general) the performance can be achieved with a Firecuda Drive. I would purchase a 500 GB SSD for the OS and some other programs I would like to have there and purchase a 2TB Barracuda (or Fire cuda). The CPU cooler is no necessary. You can puch
  11. Hello, people. So I just recently built the following PC: Ryzen 7 3700x (stock speeds and cooler) TUF Gaming B450M Plus Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 DDR4 @3000Mhz 1 Kingston UV500 M.2 SSD 120GN 1- 2TB Barracuda HDD Corsair H110R Case (1 rear 120mm fan and 1 120mm fan on top) PSU: Corsair CX450 80+ Bronze I had an old R9 380 4GB Card at home so I am using that one for now but would like to upgrade to a RX 5700 XT (XFX THICC III Ultra) and I would like to know if this PSU is enough to handle that card at stock speeds? If not I can st
  12. Thank you very much. I will go for the 3700x just because I want a future proof computer. The new Gen of consoles will have 8 core custome zen 2 cpus, so I expect future games to take advantage of those extra cores. I'll go for the Tuf b450m since it is the cheapest and has been tested with a 3700x at stock speeds and works well (source). I cant get a better GPU if I go with the 3600x because the difference in price between those CPUs doent make up for the difference between a GTX 1660 Super and a RTX 2060 (Yes, I know this sucks). Also I wanted a SSD for the OS only, I can handle my games on
  13. It is a bit expensive but we are talking just $20 or do you recommend going for a 2.5 SSD Kingston SA400 instead 128gb instead of the Kingston UV500 M.2?