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  1. My CPU was not overclocked as i tested PC. It was first thing i thought about to set base clocks on CPU and RAM as well. Storage never contained more then a half of its capacity. However problem seems to be storage somehow. I have no idea how it could affect boot and display but it works fine once i installed windows on my HDD. Thanks for usefull tips and i hope that i wont expierience such a disaster again with my current system drive.Thread was inactive as i tested if the system wont boot properly but i think that solves the problem.
  2. I've done some testing and it seems either not to be related with RAM or all of my RAM sticks are broken. Cant test the second option yet but its very unlikely. I had been testing in last 50 minutes: all of my memory slots with both dices one at the time and also two dices on slots 2/4 and 1/3 (1 and 3 previously not used).
  3. Hello my dudes! I am writing in response to lack of any hope in my troubleshooting skills. Some time ago my PC started going wild with random unsuccessful boots, i would say half a year or more ago. Didnt bother too much until recently i started using my pc to study (after 2 years) and i have following problem: When booting up there are fiew scenarios that happen, 1st option is that everything works fine, (1/10), 2nd scenario is most common and while booting my peripherals turn off, along with both screens (sometimes also screens freeze or windows loadin