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  1. That was my big question, thanks.
  2. I had read that being on windows at 120hz, everything would run at 120hz
  3. Hi I have my monitor configured on windows at 120Hz. In the game, I have set 144hz On my monitor's OSD, it shows 138Khz for 120hz on Windows and 158Khz for 144hz in game. Am I actually playing at 144Hz?
  4. Greetings,I have the AOC 24G2U 144Hz monitor and an AMD gpu (RX 5700), so when I set the refresh rate to 144Hz the memory no longer down clock (it's fine for 120Hz though). Using DisplayPort cable that came with the monitor.I tried all 3 settings (CRU) for LCD monitors, but only the 'Automatic - LCD standard' seems to let the gpu memory down clock. The problem is that as soon as I start a 3D game the monitor goes black and says 'Input No Support'. I have to blindly alt+F4 out of the game and select the DisplayPort as input again in order to gain back picture.Is there anything I can do to make