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  1. Also, what resolution and 60/120/144+ Hz?
  2. You can play Steam games offline, you can download Netflix episodes and watch them offline if you have it. Audiobooks are always good.
  3. This could be an issue, did the problems happen before or after he did this? Also let him know in the future don't pull it straight off, try to loosen the paste first.
  4. For CPU V-Core Loadline Calibration, my BIOS has this (pic) - is there a specific level I should choose for high/turbo that is safe? It has the same levels with the SOC Loadline. I'm assuming VDDCR CPU/SOC is the correct category. I'm able to set up to 130% Vcore current. I see both VDDCR CPU and SOC Power Phase Control. Should I change both? I also don't see VCORE Soc Protection. I see SOC Switching Frequency, and that goes to 350. Is that it?
  5. I hope you can get through this, stay strong friend.
  6. Yeah I've noticed with small loads it does boost up and with heavy its less. I was just talking about this setting in Ryzen master I turned to manually be 1.3 at all times, and then someone told me it would degrade my chip. I guess I'm easily confused by how Ryzen works, and I wish i was getting better stock performance too.
  7. I have (copied from newegg) DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Timing 18-22-22-42 CAS Latency 18 Voltage 1.35V. I have it set with DOCP (or whatever AMD's XMP is called) to be 3600 stock 3600, haven't messed with it to try 3733 or anything. I was just worried about voltages being 1.3v static at all times because I've seen posts about chips starting to degrade after some amount of time using that. When I boosted it to that, the temps were under control and I was able to get 7900-8000(?) Cinebench. I also think AMD hasn't specifically said what voltages are generally safe, and I guess it varies f
  8. My 3900x was getting fairly low benchmark scores at stock settings, ~6700-6800 in Cinebench R20. I read a guide somewhere and set all cores to 4.5ghz and set a static voltage of 1.3v until someone told me I'd possibly degrade my chip by doing that (had it running like that for maybe 30 minutes). I switched back to stock, but my work benefits from increased performance so I tried out PBO, and that made a decent improvement to where I was hitting closer to normal stock benchmark scores (7000). That was with PBO enabled in BIOS and everything else auto. Then, on discord I
  9. Confirmed as pandemic by WHO https://www.bbc.com/news/world-51839944
  10. What does this mean in simpler terms? There are different mutations of COVID?
  11. Does anyone know if there is a good method to see what maximum stable tunings people have been able to get for a specific card/model? I'd like to be able to compare my 2070 to see how others how high others have been able to get theirs on stock cooling.
  12. I'm not sure about how iTunes is now as I haven't used it in a while, but there are some programs that can convert M4V from iTunes into another format playable by VLC.Some people have recommended "Tuneskit", but that is a paid program and I'm not sure if there are free alternatives, or of the legitimacy of them. As a last resort, could you watch side-by-side with your phone?
  13. Also, I was looking around but couldn't find a video about another thing I'd like to be easily condensed; dual-booting different operating systems. It'd be nice to have a video explaining different options. I'm about to adding Ubuntu to dual-boot, currently using Windows 10. I've been using a VM in the meantime.
  14. I had it OC'd for some time, but it wasn't overclocked when I had the issues happening. Just wondering what my options are, I haven't dealt with this problem before.