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  1. Yes I use the recommended settings from Nvidia, and as far as drivers go, I always update my GPU driver via Nvidia experience, and I use IOBit Driver Booster 7 for general programme drivers
  2. So I currently running these settings within the "Graphics Menu" Resolution = 1920x1080 Refresh RAte = 144hz Auto Aspect Ratio V-Sync = Disabled Frame rate = I have set a custom frame rate 144 Nvidia Highlight = Disabled Texture Resolution = Normal texture Filter Anisotropic = Normal Particle Quality = Low Tessellation = Disabled Shadows = Normal DirextX Raytracing = Disabled Anti-Aliasing = Filmic SMAA T2X These Settings use 2302mgb/8088mgb of VRAM
  3. Hi Guys, Hopefully someone can help me out! I made my PC within my budget and I thought what I made was quite good. I have a Intel i5-8500 CPU and Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU. I have a ASUS Prime B360-plus motherboard with 16gb of RAM. I have a Seasonic Focus+Gold 550W PSU and I am running 3 140mm coolings and 1 120mm on my cpu cooler. I first noticed my issue when playing COD, my friends in Discord couldn't hear what I was saying, BUT if I tabbed out of COD they could hear me fine. It was as if my CPU couldn't cope with running COD and Discord at the time (so I thou