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  1. Thanks guys, I guess I will get a new one... this system is from 2009 and worked great so far, I really like their quality. Just out of curiosity, if I did this, sound would be poor/low volume or it wouldn`t even work at all?
  2. Hello everyone, I have an old 2.1 Edifier speaker system and the volume knob stop working. I think the board were everything connects to is defective: So my idea is to eliminate it... using an aux jack to female rca adapter to plug the speakers only. Eliminating the whole subwoofer/box/board. -Will it work at all to power just the speakers?
  3. Guys the problem with NF-A12x25 is that it is available in just one store down here and costs 3-3.5x more than the ones I mentioned. I mean... I would prefer adding more ram instead. @RAS, yes it is mounted fine, hot days really change things up, the 9900k is an oven in full power plus I think the current fan is not helping. @Jaslion, it seems like arctic's CFM is lower than the deepcool I am using... how acurate those companies numbers vs marketing are IDK...
  4. Sure, my bad I didn't explain it well. Right now it stays like this due 24C ambient, but in hot days like 30-34C here it will thermal throttle in stress tests in about 7-8mins, and games that require more cpu power like AC Odyssey for example will reach 90C in some cores. So I am just thinking that a higher RPM fan will help improving it. Yes, the case cover doesn't close even with the one in the middle, the fan stays mm's higher than the heatpipes and due being a glass cover I can't flex it to fit.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a 9900KF with this cooler but the original 140mm fans doesn't fit the case, so I replaced with a 3pin Deepcool 120mm (just one in the middle). Temps are ok in games (65-70C) but if I stress the CPU it will easily reach 88-93C. Fan curve is already tuned + undervolt. So I am looking to replace with a better 120mm PWM fan, and here comes the first question, will it matter/worth at all? If yes, filtered down to these 3 models that are available here: -Akasa Viper -BQ Silent Wings 3 High-Speed -Scythe Kaze Flex RGB 1800rpm
  6. Oh sure, both ram/training voltages are set to default 1.35. What I mentioned was VCCIO/VCCSA. Yeah I also noticed this, Crucial doesn't make a 4x8 3600Mhz C16 kit... I wonder why... Does anyone runs a simular setup? could you share VCCIO/SA voltages and frequency/timings used?
  7. Thanks for all replies! so my motherboard is T-topology, do you guys think that the 9900KF memory controller can handle these 4x8gb single rank modules at 3600Mhz 16-18-18-38 CR2 on current VCCIO/SA 1.12/1.22v? will it be pushing too much trying to keep them at CR1? I am concerned that it might have issues and I will end having to drop frequency, which means wasting money on a 3600Mhz kit were their cheaper 3000Mhz C15 would fit better.
  8. Hello everyone, This is my current setup: 9900KF (stock) Aorus Z390 Elite 2x8Gb Crucial Ballistix kit, 3600Mhz C16 micron E I am not using XMP, primary timings are set to "stock" settings except command rate (changed to 1T) everything else is on auto. VCCIO/SA at 1.12/1.22v and 1.35v mem/training voltage. It has been like this for almost an year rock solid. This are my results and memory details on tbuner, I am looking to upgrade with another kit to 32Gb, exactly same one. My questions are: will it increase memory performance (c/r/w results)
  9. It started doing this yesterday, machine is the i9 on the signature :(
  10. Have you guys had this issue before? if I kill the process it closes right away, if I click the close button "x" it will hang for 3-5secs or give a message "not responding" and then closes. It does not do it in safe mode, but I am having a hard time figuring out what is causing the issue. Did chkdsk, sfc /scannow, trim, kaspersky full scan, windows update (last 20H2v), drivers update (video/chipset) nothing solved it. Any help is appreciated!
  11. Thanks Archer, I ran that program 3 more times and it gives few or more errors, very random... Adata SSD toolbox / crystal disk info 64 both report nvmes with good health, 100% lifetime remaining so I will go with that. I agree it must be software issue because it doesn't hang in safe mode, but I still don't understand why the pny nvme is getting 15C hotter compared to the other one (even in safe mode). Both have heatsinks on them, system at idle.
  12. That is really bad... especially because I don't do much on this drive, all my games are running from the 1TB one and this is just for windows, ouch. I will backup my data and attempt the repair method, then probably reinstall windows. What can cause this kind of severe/poor damage?
  13. Thanks, here is the scan, should I be worried or does it look normal for a 1year drive? didn`t attempt the repair as it is saying I could lose data.
  14. Hi everyone, Yesterday my task manager started to hang/freeze upon closing it, if I kill the process it closes right away, if I click the close button "x" it will hang for 3-5secs or give a message "not responding" and then closes. Did chkdsk, sfc /scannow, trim, kaspersky full antivirus scan, windows update (last 20H2v w10 64x), drivers update (video/chipset) nothing solved it. IF I boot in safe mode it will not hang! working as it should there. I am suspecting to be my nvme where windows is installed. Its a PNY CS3030 250GB and I also have an Adata 1TB. I
  15. Thanks man! I was peeking inside the PSU and found the fan model number, looked it up and then found this review: EVGA 600B from 6 years ago. Comparing what I can see from outside it is exactly like mine: So I discovered it is bad for nowadays GPUs due using group regulated design, is that right? :(