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  1. That's super annoying tbh. AMD also pulled a driver discontinuation move with arguably more useful cards. Although I'm not too worried. The OSS driver in Linux still supports them.
  2. I can't play the video. Can you reupload it? or describe it?
  3. Lols Guess it was a simple issue. Tell your Mum to enjoy Linux!
  4. If you are currently booted into Ubuntu type this into the Terminal. ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars The above snippet will list the files in the efivars directory. If the files exist you are booted in EFI mode, if you get an error or something you are booted in BIOS/Legacy mode. To determine the Partition table for the Hard Drive, type this into the terminal. sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda You'll see it spit out a bunch of info. Look for the Disklabel type.
  5. Let's try to get it fixed then Answer these please?
  6. It was probably a virus then. Now, I'm a Linux person but if a virus was the issue you may want to try reinstalling Windows 10. It'd be pretty good if your Mum can get used to Mint but there's a possibility she might be annoyed.
  7. It's possible. Still not a bad idea to ensure it isn't software related. It's possible that the Windows install had a ton of viruses if a tech-illiterate person used it. A 6th Gen laptop isn't that old...
  8. I forgot to ask for some more info actually. Are you booting in BIOS or EFI mode? and what is your hard drive's partition table? GPT or MBR?
  9. Is it giving off an error of some sort? If so can you post that error?
  10. Linus should take a look at the Brave Browser and their BAT monetization scheme. Seems interesting but it would be interesting to see Linus and Anthony's take on it.
  11. A video series in a similar vein to iSwitched to Mac but with Linux. The way I see it they could go two ways with it, get Linus some sweet System76 hardware or just install some Linux distros on Linus' existing hardware. I know that LTT has been covering Linux a lot more recently (they are one of the main driving forces behind me fully switching to Linux) but in every single video where Linux was featured Linus was just using what Anthony had preconfigured for him. It would be really cool to hear his thoughts on the entire experience after switching to it full time for a week maybe. Anyway if