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  1. Are sennheiser cx 300s good for gaming on pc? i would use them for csgo would they be good?
  2. All i need is 1080p 144hz thru hdmi confirmation of working, and your reply helped me thank you. Now it all comes to it if the versions that i was saying are true, if they are then ill be able to use it like that and i hope they are true. Anyways thank you for the reply
  3. Apparently it comes with hdmi 2.0 in the box included, i have hdmi 2.0b on my graphics card. Will that work?
  4. Basically can you use an 144hz monitor with hdmi cable? (Im not talking about using at 60 hz im talking about using it at its full potential 144hz) Monitor in question is ACER monitor 23.6 TN KG241QSbiip I watched an review about that one and some people are saying that it is possible some say it isnt and im really confused
  5. Is this monitor shit? https://www.tehnomedia.rs/it-uredjaji/monitor/acer-qg241y-um-qq1ee-001.html#data
  6. Thank you for that reply, but i'm not looking to buy cheap garbage monitors that still use vga, i'm looking to buy a fairly decent Acer /LG monitor with 75 hz hdmi 1ms response time.
  7. I just want to see if it goes above 75hz i don't care if i buy a monitor that can't to that because i only want to see how much would it go further
  8. So you have a 75 hz monitor? If yes can u test the thing above for me please?
  9. U don't really understand me? I have a 60 hz monitor which can go to 75 when i lower the resolution to 1024x768 which is perfect because i play csgo at that resolution. My question is how much hz can i get IF i have a 75 hz monitor and lower the resolution.
  10. I don't really know, my friend has 60 hz monitor and he lowered the resolution and put 75 hz and it runs much smoother than mine
  11. Go into the nvidia control panel go to change resolution tab lower it to 1280x1024 and tell me what hz can you get when u lower it
  12. Basically just reply i want to see something before buying one. Thanks in advance
  13. I would run around 6 fans i think myb 5 if the 6th doesn't fit but yeah
  14. I saw only 3 in 1 and that doesn't really do the job because i have only one fan header + cpu fan header