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  1. Mechanical keyboards are the best, i have razer blackwidow 2014. I love it, lost one key but had it for a few years and wouldnt change it.
  2. and i'll still use airpods instead of headsett, headset wireless, never been a huge fan honestly.
  3. Wireless i'd go with airpods, but for gaming you should have cable, its a little bit annoying but gives better sound quality, most of the time.
  4. Yeah go for it, its smart, my friend got 2x 1070s selling for around 300, go for it!
  5. Sorry i used to use this to alot, in thought they supported it, sorry for wasting your time man, have a good one.
  6. Yeah as multiple others said, watch youtube, search up whatever you wanne know or need to know, i used to do this back in the days, but now i finally now a little off all of this.
  7. there is a software called speccy. i think you can monitor the temps for you gpu in there
  8. I know little computer, you need to be more specific with your question i no answer this unntil.
  9. Ofc, when it comes to work people will be using old pcs for years, windows XP etc, will guranteed be in use for atleast one more decade.
  10. Hi, i wanna start this post off by showing you my PC information so you can help me find a good screen for it. My graphic card GTX 1050. Intel pentium gold g5400. 8 GB, Ram. 1TB HDD. Right now i got a 2-4 years old screen that's from Asus its 1980x1080 2k. I be considering buying a new screen mostly beacuse of the reason to watch Netflix at 4k, that would be good but can my PC even handle that? but as i said i mostly want 4k to watch movies netflix etc.i am considering buying this one, kinda expensive but i am considering it. I do play some gam