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  1. I had an MSI case... I just changed it to that... I just hope I can get the Mystic light Sync msi thing to work without the case...
  2. I've added that monitor to my link, also a Samsung that is 32:9 which is more what I am looking for... still looking at towers
  3. Ok, bigger case more fans... I was trying to stick with a MSI Mystic Lights RGB Build Sync... I like to show off... I do some programming for work and fun, so I might have a bunch of tabs open in VS or edge at the same time... All good solid advice I appreciate it!!!
  4. Ok, So... I've done some updating... https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2YD1NB3MBARHH?ref_=wl_share Total $4,681.61 after tax...
  5. Oh geeze... I just opened the MSI page and am going into meltdown over the options...
  6. So, is the motherboard the best for that processor? There were a couple with that chipset and I wasn't sure... Should I go with something othere than ASUS for the GPU??? And I've seen with some ultra wides where you can you them like a dual monitor... one feed shows up on the left one feed shows on the right...
  7. My Keyboard and Mouse aren't really priority... I am picky and they probably won't stick around... More worried about the build and streaming w/focus on streaming side...
  8. I like MMORPG's, I've been out of it for a while mostly gaming xbox... I don't have to stick with ASUS, I've just heard they were tops for gaming...
  9. Ok... https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3ENK5WUHCDINS?ref_=wl_share How about the stuff for streaming??? Would I need 2 capture cards??? One for PC one for Xbox???
  10. So, 1080 TI? I'm not to sure about RTX line as I'm not seeing great frame rates with ray tracing... https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3ENK5WUHCDINS?ref_=wl_share
  11. 1. Budget & Location a. $5000 b. US 2. AIM a. Gaming b. Streaming PC and Xbox or Other Consoles c. Video Editing 3. Monitors a. 1 Monitor Ultra-Wide 4. Peripherals a. Keyboard b. Mouse c. Microphone d. Steam Deck e. Webcam 5. Why are you upgrading? a. I currently have an i3 3rd Generation b. I use a Visio TV for a monitor c. It’s taking a while to open basic programs like Office and Edge (New Ch