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  1. Hey guys! So I've had my s10 for a couple months but comparing my photos to a Pixel 3 or XS Max, it seems that my photos are less saturated? It seems like it's had its life sucked out of it. Has anyone experienced this problem? Ps. I'll provide pictures later, getting them rn
  2. Alright thanks for the answers, regarding my budget the way I have it thought out is I have 750-850$ set for the PC itself and then around 200-250$ for the monitor. Sorry for the confusion w/ the budget
  3. Thanks! I've updated the thread with some more questions if you could look at it again
  4. Hey guys! I've been at work creating this build for a couple days and I want to see what you guys think of it. What I'm looking for in this build is: -1080p Gaming in titles like GTA V etc - Room to perhaps add a second monitor in the future - Overclock-ability? Not to informed on this. Will I need water-cooling? - 144hz 1080p display - 1000$ CAD budget I've also got some questions: - could I do better with any parts? Are some parts incompatible? - is the 1660 super a good card? Is it still recommended ? Is there any better cards for around the same price? https:/
  5. Hey guys! I'm looking to start building a PC for the first time and this my budget for the entire build is around 1100$-1200$. What I'm looking for is a smooth 1080p 144hz experience and still be able to run most games ( GTA V, RDR2 etc ) at a decent if not high setting. Let me know down below if I could cut down the price in some areas to improve in other. The one main issue with this is I'm not sure what parts are compatible (or can be fully used) by other parts. Thanks! PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AM
  6. I haven't seen anyone do it and I think it would make a cool video finding the challenges and overcoming them
  7. Well I guess you have me beat there, just thought it would make for an interesting vid to see if apple put limitations on this (using apple display with Windows or hacintosh) and if so how they would overcome it
  8. In every video that claims it beat the Mac pro and that its build is better, they just use some normal monitor. I think the xdr display will be a lot more power consuming compared to your normal 27 inch monitor. I personally think they haven't truly beaten the Mac pro till they can use the monitor
  9. Well didn't he already make one to beat the Mac pro? I'm asking to see him try and use the display as in my opinion its the best technology apples released in a while. Edit: I also haven't seen it done anywhere else
  10. So as you know, the new 2019 Mac Pro XDR retina monitor is industry leading. If you've watched videos on the Mac pro, some things you can easily conclude are: It's overpriced in some areas (Ram?) The existing feud with nvidia (Which could have resulted in better performance and lower cost) As Linus said in his recent video, you shouldnt buy the mac pro. Now speaking from other sources (I don't personally own a Mac Pro), the monitor is truly amazing. If you do a bit of digging, you don't really see any high end market monitors for designers and artists etc. In most cases, the mo