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  1. Just to make it clear, I'm looking to pulse each rgb fan, once in a particular order.... ie, pulse fan1, then fan2, then fan 3, ect... It would only need to be one colour, red or orange, but each fan would need to pulse in order.
  2. Hey all, Thanks for a great forum, I've been getting some awesome info from this site. I have decided to start a project case because my case is getting old and I want to make something different, but in order to keep the porject on a budget I want to use my current pc internals, with a view to upgrade the components at a later stage. The issue I am facing is that my mobo does not have addressable rgb. The new case will have 6 RGB fans and I really want to get each fan to pulse once in a specific order. It's a little detail but would really take the project to the