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    I play Hypixel and am interested in technical MC.

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  1. Ok, I will go find out how to do that and update when I'm done
  2. I'm really new to computers by the way. After installing SK Hynix drive manager, it shows that my drive is there but has 0 partitions. How do I enable my drive to store data at this point?
  3. Hello, I just got myself a SK Hynix ssd for my pc, and when I connect it, the drive simply doesn't show up.
  4. i tried a different keyboard AND IT WORKED
  5. shutting it down and turning it on again almost instantaneously shows it again. i can't even get into the bios.
  6. So my issue is that i'm reinstalling windows and i don't know if turning off my pc at this point will ruin the installation. I don't really care about "tpm" settings
  7. i'm not using a laptop... no fn keys here!
  8. ._. yea just realized. it's there now
  9. Hey, i was just resetting my HP elite with 64 bit windows 10 when this showed up. None of my keys do anything but my keyboard is lit up. Other than plugging in a different keyboard, what can i do? also, i don't even know what this means.
  10. Thank you, I'm expecting around 20-40 mps as I got that or better before my old adapter broke.
  11. Do you think this will work