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  1. It finally happened. After years of tech support for family and my own computers I finally had a full-on, waking-up-in-cold-sweat nightmare about - of all things - INSTALLING WINDOWS. Anyone else have tech related dreams or nightmares, or am I just subconsciously worried about the state of my operating system?
  2. I have a pretty reasonable personal gaming setup that I'd like to start using more for streaming. My problem is that while my 1650 Super does a great job at cranking out 80-120 and even 240 (depending on the game) fps at high-ultra settings, it just can't keep up when it comes to encoding. My options are play at great settings for me but have choppy streaming/recording performance, or play at reduced settings and framerates to get video to match. I know that Elgato's PCIe capture cards all have dedicated encoding chips, along with their top-tier standalone option. Since I'm currently using the
  3. I need some advice so I'm digging through the collective knowledge here. I got myself a new motherboard for Christmas and I'll be upgrading it soon. In the past, I've thrown all my parts together assuming it works (like on my first build), and it did... but this time I want to make sure I'm doing it right. With that being said, I'd like to know: 1) Should I go ahead and update my BIOS straight out of the box, or should I only update it if I run into a compatibility problem or some other issue? 2) Can I go ahead and slap all of my drives in my new board and take off like nothi
  4. Having a 1660ti with this build list will be a bottleneck. I have a 1660 Super OC and don't get me wrong, it's a great card - and depending on what title you're playing and the settings you run it'll definitely get you to 165hz (I can get over 120 on Doom 2016 with high settings, for example). Unless price is a great factor and you're already up there on your budget, go with the 2060.
  5. Your case usually will have all the standoffs installed for all the motherboard sizes it can support. If they aren't installed in the case, they'll be in a bag of hardware that will be included with the case.
  6. Okay, so I have a ROG Strix x570-I mobo that has 2 M.2 slots, one of which is under a heatsink, the other on the back completely exposed. I already have a Corsair nvme as my boot drive installed under the heatsink, but bought a 970 Evo on a whim because it was a good deal. The problem is, I forgot that I don't have the second M.2 screw with me, and I don't want to drive 3 hours from my dorm to my house and 3 hours back just to get the second one. Can I steal the screw from the Corsair nvme and use the heatsink to hold down the drive so that I can install my 970 Evo? Does retention force even m
  7. I stream on Twitch and recently I've been losing Ethernet connectivity when I'm streaming. I'll be happily streaming along for a few minutes before my internet speed either suddenly slows dramatically and then drops off, or drops out of nowhere. The only way to regain ethernet connectivity is to unplug the ethernet cable and then plug it back in, and even then sometimes it only lets me stream for a handful of minutes after that. The connection is stable, fast, and doesn't drop when I'm doing homework or watching Youtube, anything like that. That alone makes me think that it may be my ISP (my u
  8. I use the Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow. Comes with 3 RGB fans and a lighting node controller that if you bought them separately would cost as much as the case. careful though, if you have an AIO like i do and use a push/pull fan config like I do, it'll be REALLY tough to get anything but an itx board in there. There's also a HDD bay, but it can take up valuable cable management space and you'll have to remove it if you want a 360 rad. Other than that, I really like it, and in terms of air flow you could drop this thing and negate wind resistance. I have to warn you, it's not a huge case. thin
  9. One thing you could do that would be pretty simple is draft up a fake letter from your ISP saying that they detected illegal downloads/piracy and if they detect it again they will pursue legal action. It might put enough fear into him to make him stop, or then again if he keeps ignoring and bypassing you it might not. But it's worth a shot and wouldn't be too hard to do.
  10. 100% active time but 0s for read/write sounds like a dead drive to me. Try to find if it is spinning by listening to it or touching it to feel for vibrations. If it's pegged at 100% and spinning you'll be able to tell easily.
  11. Hey all, I've agreed to help a friend of mine after she walked across shag carpet in socks and shocked her computer to death. (If only she were wearing an iFixit ESD strap.) I plugged her old drive into my laptop via a usb - 2.5" hdd adapter and found that her drive is detected, spins, and appears to have all the data intact. She wants at least her school files back but wouldn't mind a clone of her old computer, so my options are either to replace her new laptop's drive with her old one or use some sort of software to either clone her old drive to her new device or recover he
  12. Boot up with one stick at a time and run the windows memory diagnostic tool as an administrator. That could help you detect bad RAM from a hardware standpoint
  13. Any other graphics related problems or just this? That might be a good band-aid fix for it, just set to never sleep and turn off the monitor itself when you want to consume less power