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    Ryzen 5 3600(O/C to 4GHz all core, undervolted - 1.1875V)
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte B450M - DS3H
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4-2400(O/C to 2667)
  • GPU
    GALAX RTX 2060 6GB

    Zotac GTX 1060 Mini 3GB(undervolted)
  • Storage
    Crucial MX500 250GB SSD
    WD 2TB 5400RPM HDD
    Hitach 320GB 7200RPM HDD
  • PSU
    CoolerMaster MWE 650 Gold
  • Laptop
    ASUS ROG Strix G17 : i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, Geforce 1660Ti 6GB(80W), 512GB SSD

    --------Lenovo Yoga 3 : i7-5500U, 8GB RAM, Geforce 940M 2GB, 256GB SSD-----------

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  1. Okay, thanks! I'll give it a shot next weekend.
  2. Does anyone know how to configure BOINC to use only one of two nVidia GPUs in a computer for it's projects?
  3. Mine Monero using MoneroOcean's algo-switching software. I used to make around 0.05XMR(18$ at that time, XMR was around 400$) before electricity costs every fortnight with my gaming rig, despite my 3GB graphics card - you'd probably make more than that.
  4. Tried running Rosetta@home on my new laptop(i7-10750H) - w/ turbo boost disabled and an undervolt of 75mV, I can get all 6 cores(12 threads) running at 2.6Ghz with a reported power draw of just 22W!

  5. Congratulations, everyone, great work! There was a point when our position in the Jav was looking shaky, but I'm glad we never gave up. We kept pushing till the end, and we went from wondering if we can even do 10 million points to overshooting our highest target[11.2 million] by 800k! This is our highest position in the Pentathlon, and I'm glad I could contribute. This event was so much fun, and that marathon fight for #6 was so, so close. 10k points was the winning margin out of almost 10 million points total. Congratulations to everyone who competed, and thank you, SETI.Germany
  6. I'd suggest you don't mind that and just stick with WCG, because the stats have been very slow to get updated for me too. WCG tasks have the most meaningful impact in our final position. SiDock basically doesn't matter anymore. And who knows, we could secure 5th place by the tiniest of margins! EDIT : Also, I believe the points counted are 7x that, although I could be mistaken.
  7. 390k update. That's more like it. If Hard[OCP] overtakes CNT on the Marathon, which it seems like they will, we have a real shot at 5th place, guys. If this Javelin throw goes properly, and we get around 380k points hourly (in 8 updates) from now on, 5th is ours for the taking. Let's push as hard as we can now. I think the stats will catch up overtime(apparently I made 12k points in a 15 min interval, lol) and we'd be surprised by our standing.
  8. I don't think they will be able to catch us. We have a lead of 1.8 million points, and they're only doing around 60-70k per hour. But yeah, it could play with the overall rankings.
  9. I feel like something strange is up, too, because at one point it was saying my laptop with the i5-430M had returned more results than the SP6(i7-8650U) and so far it says I've only done half the performance(35k) of my earlier throw(73k), despite me allocating 26 threads to it as opposed to 9 the last time. Let's focus on what's in our control. Also, after two hours of troubleshooting, I finally got the SP6 to stop throttling and stay at 2.1Ghz for the rest of the event.
  10. I hope it's just servers not reporting the credits properly, or the timing of our reported tasks being bad or something.
  11. My math says 243k [7 425 763 - 7 182 487]
  12. 480k points this hour. Phew. We really need a few more of those.
  13. At 350k ish per hour, we seem to be about 50-70k short of our hourly target