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  1. It is the best bang for the buck at the moment. Not sure what the mobo is, probably $100
  2. Tomahawk MAX with Viper ram, 2x8 3200MHz or 3600Mhz.
  3. Might be a wise consideration, Mr. Visa is eaves dropping.
  4. Depends, sometimes they do. Sometimes the seller will get his friends account to bid up the price too.
  5. Sounds complicated, with your step down converters and high voltages. Not many, if any, circuit designers on linus media group forum. Perhaps you can find an existing board on ebay that will fullfill your needs, highly unlikely but worth a shot.
  6. Yeah go ahead and buy that. What you doing with it anyways?
  7. Twisting the wire on is a good way to fry the laptop for no further use.
  8. Pick the cheapest one and your set.
  9. Take off the port, cut the wires, buy a $5 soldering iron and solder and then insulate the entire area with a big goop of liquid electrical tape.
  10. Buy a used pc, the 4th gen intel pcs are dirt cheap!