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  1. I have asked about the Phanteks Revolt Pro series (Not Revolt X series) here several pages before and know that no one can confirm whether it is based on seasonic focus fx or gx (more likely based on fx model). Then I sent an email to support@phanteksusa.com asking about whether the pro series based on Focus fx or gx model and just get the reply that’s they say pro series are based on Focus gx model. Although there is not any proof ...
  2. Thank you for your reply. I’ve already go through some of the pages of this topic, and find that if the revolt pro based on old fx model, it will be D+ and if based on the new gx model then will be tier A. It seems to be a very big difference. Since I won’t gamble on that, I’m now considering Amp series 750w. As my planning build would be: 3700x or 3800x 5700xt or 2070 3.5” HDD x2 SSD x2 Is it Phanteks Amp 750 is enough?Or if compare with Thermaltake GF1 750w, which one would be better? thanks again
  3. Hello, I’m newbie here and planning to build a pc. While in considering phanteks revolt pro 850, will you add it to your list? Thanks