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  1. Great news! Apparently all other problems are solved! Maybe next we can attack cereal bowls, I like them a certain depth and product material.
  2. Digg the Code! Great song and the story behind it: https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Digg.com_suffers_user_revolt
  3. I was watching some old Systm videos, they're really good! It would be neat if Linus and team could do an updated series, using current technology with the same concepts and ideas, they were a lot of fun!!! https://archive.org/details/systm
  4. Really like photo prism, it's open source, runs in docker https://photoprism.app/
  5. Ideas are like ass holes, everybody's got one. Nobody buys ideas. Want to get their attention? Built a product. Companies buy product. Investors invest in product. Heck, I'd give you some money if you had a product, that'd at least show you're serious and committed, and believe in your idea. Build something. Anything. Even a prototype.
  6. I understand when you hit a certain level in a company you might become disconnected, but Tim is really disconnected. He never earned his job, it was given to him because he is a bean counter. It was the safe thing to do. What a dingbat.
  7. Apple is famous for doing this, in fact there's a term for it, they got sherlocked.
  8. Title says it all. WTF people, haven't you ever heard of encryption? And passwords? This isn't the first time, not the last. https://www.zdnet.com/article/over-60-million-records-exposed-in-wearable-fitness-tracking-data-breachover-60-million-wearable-fitness-tracking-records-exposed-via-unsecured-database/ We all gotta pull together and sue the heck out of the companies, including the staff person who thought this was a good idea to put a file out there like that.
  9. It's apples and oranges, literally. IBM never "licensed" clones, they built their original PC's off of commodity hardware. The BIOS was successfully reverse-engineered and clean-room developed to produce clones. The original clones weren't all that good, because the BIOSes weren't 100% compatible, and a lot of stuff relied on that. I remember it was a "good clone" if it could play Microsoft Flight Simulator successfully. Microsoft wasn't exclusive with IBM with DOS. So they'd roll out DOS for whatever clone company wanted it. IBM later tried to p
  10. FreeNAS with zfs raid-Z and zfs snapshots with zfs send/receive to another offsite is the way to go, bro. ZFS gives you end to end checksums, you'll be protected against data rot too.
  11. Nope, right thread. 30+ years in the industry, seen this before. It just adds more complexity and no value. You probably don't remember when Intel put in the NX bit, that was supposed to solve everything too. And it was a great marketing tool!
  12. That's what happens when marketing takes over a company and pushes engineering aside. So sad. Only thing sadder is being on the team writing that microcode, knowing that hackers can bypass it in a microsecond, and your updates have a zero chance of ever getting applied out in the field. But yet you still write your complex code that's mission critical, because if it fucks things up you're responsible for data loss. I guess you just do the needful.
  13. They'll be back. Next time it'll be to fix the leak that's showed up downstairs above your bathroom. My guess is the water went down enough to where the clog is. One way to tell for sure is to turn on your faucet, your shower, and flush the toilet a few times and watch. Get ready to call them back.
  14. Right on the Home Page! https://www.cnbc.com/ Looks just like reality!!!! Here's the image: "It all looks so real!" -Tim Cook