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  1. Once we find life on Mars google can expand there. Earth and all our information is pretty much tapped out.
  2. I can't wait to boot it up and run firefox full screen so I can do my work Anybody know when it's supposed to be out?
  3. cp/m was pretty good, so was mp/m and concurrent dos
  4. I don't think just mounting the device inside of docker would have wiped it, here's a few things to try: Is the md raid device mounted? # df -h look for /mnt/md0 If not: # mount /mnt/md0 Is the device there? # ls -la /dev/md If not try to import it/scan: # mdadm --assemble --scan Then try to mount it: # mount /mnt/md0
  5. Congratulations Linus! Your first luxury car, well deserved! Love your videos, love your channel, and all the things you and your amazing team do!
  6. Keep your Ethernet cables away from fluorescent lights and power cables too.
  7. Weird, he was working for CERN, they owned the code, then made the code open source. He doesn't own the code. I guess he's auctioning off his copy? That means I can auction off the Linux kernel as an NFT I guess.
  8. I'll bet Elon's team figures it out, they're pretty smart there.
  9. Well now it all makes sense. Now can we get back to writing code?
  10. Where does the money go? To the people who are victimized or the government? Sounds like just a tax to me.
  11. Rule #1 to becoming wealthy is to have a plan. Not affiliated with them, but my advice would be to read Chris Hogan's book "Everyday Millionaires" It's enlightening. Anybody can do it. Literally anybody. And by reading or commenting here, you've already taken the first step.
  12. I only use Twitter to see what Elon Musk says, he's pretty funny sometimes. That's about it.
  13. All this taking crypto payments seems to be a bid to just collect as much crypto without mining as possible. Mining seems to be dirty in terms of global climate change and stuff. I see in New York and other places they've turned on old coal-fired generators en masse to do mining. Although they've been converted to natural gas, it's still fossil fuel. I don't think natural gas makes acid rain like coal did.