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  1. Interesting. Can old hard drives really cause the type of frame drops I was getting, along with the slow cpu frequencies? I have 8x2 GB 3600 MHz dual channel memory.
  2. 2 big fans and one small fan. The default fan config for the NZXT H510 Elite case, I didn't change anything.
  3. Specs: NZXT H510 Elite case Ryzen 5 3600 (using stock cooler) Rx 5700 xt MSI B450 Tomahawk Max My ryzen 5 3600 reaches nowhere near it's advertised speeds. CPU intensive titles such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla stutter a lot, and I thought it's because of the slow cpu speeds. Is it because it's thermal throttling? If that was the case, how come assassins creed runs at 70 degrees but still gets low frequencies? I've attached a screenshot of ryzen master after about 20 minutes of a Furmark gpu and cpu stress test (at the same time). I've also attached
  4. I have a unique issue where, for the first hour or so, games run perfectly fine. However, suddenly out of nowhere the game starts stuttering badly, even though the fps counter is still high. The weirdest thing about this is that, when I press the start button and the search shows up, I move my mouse and the game is smooth again! But closing the search makes the game start stuttering again after a second. Putting games in windowed mode generally fixes this issue, but then I have to play with borders. Another thing that fixes the issue is when I turn freesync off on my monitor, but I know it's n
  5. I have an NZXT H510 elite case that came with fans preinstalled, and I never messed with them. My temps are fine, I don't think throttling is the issue. As I said, when I press start, the stuttering stops. When I turn off freesync or go into windowed mode, it stops. I just can't figure out what the problem is. My drivers are updated. It's definitely not a freesync problem because games work fine after a restart for like an hour or two. To emphasise, I don't believe the problem has anything to do with performance or overheating. The games I play are still running at the same FPS as
  6. I built my first pc around 3 months ago. My graphics card drivers are updated. Here are my specs: I'm not sure if this is useful information, but there are a few things I'd like to share just in case: *When I was building the PC, I somehow managed to bend the cpu's pins. I watched a jayztwoscents video and managed to straighten the pins by using a razor blade. *I then assembled the PC and installed Windows, although the installation process was a bit iffy.(So it could potentially be an issue with the windows installation) *I also recently had an experience where m
  7. I’m considering buying a 4K tv for gaming with a 5700 xt and ryzen 5 3600, but I wanted to ask someone who has experience with image sharpening and gpu scaling on a 5700 xt; what I’m essentially referring to is this. Apparently, if I were to overclock my graphics card, use gpu scaling and use image sharpening I should be able to get 2080 Ti like performance? This just seems too good to be true. I’ve had my gpu for a few months now and I’m only finding out about this now. I’m aware that this isn’t as good as 4K, but as long as it looks pretty close I’m fine with it. All I want is to game on a 6
  8. Thank you, you’ve been very helpful.
  9. The tv is 60 Hz. I’d like to know: do you always play on your tv or have you played or used to play on a low latency monitor before? Is the input lag noticeable at all or do you not even think about it (as it should be). Also, do you play on a controller or keyboard and mouse? To me, input lag on a controller is harder to notice as compared to a keyboard and mouse.
  10. I’m considering buying a 65 inch 4K tv for my pc rather than a monitor, as I’ll be able to watch movies and YouTube on it as well. The tv I want to buy is the Samsung ru7100, which apparently has 12.9 ms of input lag based on a quick google search. Is 12.9 ms ok for pc gaming? I don’t play competitive games so I don’t need absolutely zero input lag per se, but is it going to be noticeable and hinder the gaming experience regardless? I also play on keyboard and mouse, and I know for a fact that input lag is much more noticeable on a keyboard and mouse than a controller. I’d love to get some ins
  11. What are your thoughts on this? It isn’t exactly a dlss equivalent, but it effectively does what dlss does; improves performance without much visual impact.
  12. Isn’t there something called fidelity Fx or something?
  13. I’ve been considering getting a 65 inch 4K tv (with 10 ms latency, let me know if that’s too much for pc gaming) that’s being sold at a very good price where I live. The problem with this is that my current system has an rx 5700 xt and ryzen 5 3600; will I be able to run games at a constant 60 fps? My graphics card is also overclockable so that should help with fps a little bit as well. If I were to play games on a high preset with demanding settings such as shadows or volumetric fog on medium, should I be able to run games at a constant 60 fps? I’d like to hear from people that have
  14. I’ve build a new gaming pc and was looking for a monitor to go with it. I’ve got a 5700xt and a ryzen 5 3600. Sadly living in a third world country, there’s very little choice here and the only decent ones I could afford were: Dell s2719dgf 27inch 1440p 155hz https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-27-gaming-monitor-s2719dgf/apd/210-arcj/monitors-monitor-accessories ViewSonic XG2405 24″ 144Hz https://www.viewsonic.com/pk/products/lcd/XG2405.php I’m not into competitive games at all, and only plan to play single player games. What I care most about is how the game loo