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  1. Thanks so much for that, I will check it once my VPN recovers from maintenance
  2. Damn, you are the man who brings the answers, thanks for that. I don't care about games performance, I am more on the workstation mindset side, So if you do tell that ML and AI or some rendering software would do better, then that is enough for me to decide not to sell the Inno3D. Thanks! Well, I have an Obsidian 1000D , so space is not a problem. I'm even thinking about putting the Aorus above the Inno3D since the Aorus card have a temperature LED screen, so I can easily tell if they are frying one another, If both cards are too hot, then I think I will do some custom w
  3. Have you tried this before?. @Electronics Wizardy I'll be very honest, I will brag of course, money is not a problem again. Honestly my interests are these: 60% -> using both 10 hdmi and DP ports 30% -> no system crashes or instability 5% -> at least a slight improve of performance suffice me for deciding not to buy the Inno3D (How can you tell the perfomance will decrease? Someone in this post wrote that) 5% -> Using 48GB of VRAM PS: I'll check Linus's videos on NVlink and SLI, currently my VPN is on maintenance, so need to
  4. Yeah I need answers like that, what if I should still want to keep both cards. If there is someone who has tried it with two different 2080Ti. I'd appreciate that.
  5. @Electronics WizardyI just need to know if the system won't crash or if at least there will be a 15% of increased performance and by last if I can used those 10 ports on the same machine. I'm being direct, money is not a problem.
  6. I have this problem, I need to know whether I better should sell my first bought RTX 3090 which is an Inno3D iChiLL x4, OR nvlink that Inno3D with my second already bought Aorus Master. I am worried about - if the system will be stable or not - if there should be some drivers incompatibilities or any form of instability - Can I use a full 48GB VRAM system? - and if can join both cards hdmi and display ports which in total would be 10 (6+4) Should I sell the Inno3D or should I NVlink them? The thing about why I bought different brand cards is because a mistake, so
  7. On the new 3990X's video, at the minute 12:02, Linus talks about considering purchasing a Intel Optane because and Gen 4 PCIe SSD won't match the responsiveness of the 64-core chip. Knowing that the 970 Pro is not PCIe, Could something wrong happen if I put my Samsung M.2 PRO 970 running with the 3990X?