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  1. Try looking up a guide on optimal settings, new AAA titles tend to drop fps significantly due to just a few effects that may or may not even be that pretty. I've been able to get significant gains on new triple A's on launch day without even turning down 90% of the settings from the max. Hardware Unboxed has done 2 videos on RDR2.
  2. My use of the ssd would be to reduce game loading times as currently they sit on a barracuda along with the movies as well as increasing total capacity seeing as how big new AAA games seem to be. Would you rather go for SATA samsung ssd or intel 660p when the price is exactly the same?
  3. I was considering getting a 1 TB m.2 nvme and noticed that I can nearly get two intel 660p 1TB drives for the price of a single samsung 970 evo plus. The speed is certainly better on samsung and 660p is QLC but is it actually THAT much worse? (read/writes in MB/s samsung 3500/3300 intel 1800/1800) Is there features I'm not aware of that is causing this price disrepancy? Edit: samsung one was evo plus not regular evo