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  1. I do like this idea as well. My question, that I really don’t know as I’ve never used this before, is real world experience. Working on 3D models that require single core processing, moving and turning, the snappiness experience, how much would real world experience be affected by going from 5.1ghz down to 4.7ish? on the 3950x. As much as I like the idea of all the other benefits this chip can bring, my main core work is my biggest concern. How much of a difference is there in 5.1 down to 4.7?
  2. Hello all, I'm hoping this community can help me narrow down a choice of CPU for a work build i want to do. In general, I'm not overly concerned with budget, more concerned with making the right choice. I'm an architect and do mostly 3D modeling and rendering, with some CAD workflow. Specifically, to build my 3D models I use SketchUp (which is a single-core only program), and for rendering I use Lumion (which is a GPU heavy program, and sadly does not utilize SLI). Lumion itself is based upon a game rendering engine, so the RTX cards work best. My current thought is to go with: Mothe